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Problem with z410 - battery draining immediately


I have been using Z410 since almost 1 year now (warrenty expired) but since couple of days I can notice that in 2 mins of removing the power adaptor from the laptop, it just shutdowns. 


Looking into the forum I can understand that the battery is not functioning correctly however the power manager shows battery as normal. I did the gauge reset also. 


issue still presisst,Is replacing the battery only option in this case?

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Re: Problem with z410 - battery draining immediately

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


From what you have described it sounds like the battery is failing and needs to be replaced.

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Re: Problem with z410 - battery draining immediately

I have struggled with the same problem. My battery went faulty just 2 weeks after the warranty period. I approached the service center who said the battery needs to be replaced. I replaced the battery only to find that 5 months, I faced the same issue once again.


After reading and doing lots of research, and trying a hell lot of things, I finally tried reinstalling the battery firmware which I got from the link :


Go through the README file in the zip before running the application.
Please note that this works ONLY on the original battery. The replacement battery I bought was not original Lenovo battery(as it was not available in my region). Hence, the firmware upgrade will fail to proceed with the process.


So I put back my original (supposedly faulty battery!) and tried the firmware upgrade and it worked!
Now I'm back to using my laptop with atleast 2.5 to 3 hours of battery backup on the old original battery (which the service center guys told me was damaged!) for the past 3 months with no problems.



Dear Lenovo Team, its a disaster that you people are not able to provide proper diagnosis and solution to this KNOWN problem , widely faced by a lot of customers. I spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money for absolutely nothing, just to realize that it had nothing to do with any hardware!

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