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Problems with Lenovo Y580 and lack of customer care.

Since the Lenovo reps on Facebook asked me to post this here, I am.

I will list all the issues I've encountered thus far and for the sake of others with the same issues. I already returned it however and it will be picked up tomorrow. I will post in the thread later if I even remember my log in. Having gotten no answers before in the thread and watching it die, I just gave up on it. I hope Lenovo can remedy these issues in the future as I enjoy their build quality. I don't get it because I loved my previous y560 and had no issues except that I needed to upgrade. Here are the issues with my Y580: -Wifi drops off frequently. confirmed this by running other laptops ( including old Y560) side by side this one and watching as it would drop my online game from play and the internet, but the other computers would be fine. Has no motherboard bios support for windows 8--in fact, it has NO identifiable motherboard--it is simply listed as 'Lenovo invalid'.

Astounding to see Lenovo has no support for it's own product unless this particular win8 bios supposedly fixed the issues but I am still experiencing them. Windows 7 Y580s received support, however. It was also having issues restarting and would give an error message--it has blue screened once, but only once. Microsoft informed to call Lenovo and said it was a hardware issue on the manufacturers end. I called your support, who was a bit rude by the way ( I was polite ) and laughed and said he didn't get the issue. I explained it, then he took control of my computer and downloaded onto it a program called ErrorEnd ( some freeware) and scanned it finding many errors, but said to call software support and he couldn't transfer me. I do--only to be told they couldn't help me without a fee because it's software related. Keep in mind I bought your extended 2 year warranty.

I gave up because nobody could help me without trying to charge me left and right. It also got shipped with the faulty power cord but they fixed that fast and I sent the dead one back. From day one customer service has been a nightmare. Even buying the laptop was a bit of a nightmare. So I got pretty fed up and had to return it sorry to say. Customer service makes you wanna tear out your hair and the whole experience has left me ( and other customers from what I read ) a bad taste in the mouth. Most of my family owns a Lenovo as I recommended them and my mother purchased a desktop and loves it. But as far as customer service goes, warranty support and general support for the actual products, while I can see why Lenovo thinks users can solve most issues, they can't be if the laptop was already this way.

I think the company should completely redo the customer service department and take a huge look at all the feedback from customers or they will slowly lose them. I will post in the thread or make a new account regarding this. Thanks for reading.

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