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What's DOS?
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Product Review Y400


Y400 has a very good graphics card and CPU, and that's the only reason I bought it. But soon after I used it for a few days, I understood what a big mistake I have made. 


Electronicis with high configurations doesn't necessarily lead to good user experiences. 


1. Size


I have an old 14 inch Thinkpad which is almost five years old and started to have blue screen problem, so I purchased Y400, I do play computer games and I know Thinkpad is not for that. You know what, Y400 is about 1 inch wider than my Thinkpad. So ridiculous. Y400 is so big due to its aweful design. 


Just to remind you, Y400 is much bigger than a normal size 14 inch laptop. The actual size is close to a 15 inch laptop. The edge is very wide. 


2. Bad keyboard experiences. 


It's definitely not good for typing. The key is very small and the distance between keys are not good and lead to more typos. 


I am wondering, since it has so much more space at the edge, why not just make the keys bigger? 



Remember, the keys are smaller than normal chocolate keyboards. 


3. Windows 8. 


I like the start screen which could display calendar events and new emails notifications. But the computer is not very stable and reliable, sometimes your screen freezed, and you have to refresh your laptop. I wait for two hours because the computer seems to be stuck in the refreshing process. 


4. Power Adapter

It's very big. 



5. Small Screen


Of course, it's a 14 inch laptop. But the scree is much smaller than my 14 inch Thinkpad. Wide edges make the screen  much smaller. 

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