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Purchased 5 Lenovo Computers 1+ Yr & Windows Crashed but Installation Disks not Provided w/o Charge

2013-10-30, 5:02 AM

I purchased 5 Lenovo computers last July - September 2012.  We were ready to upgrade our computers and try a new company.  We went to Office Depot and decided to purchase a new computer for myself and my husband.  After purchasing those 2, we decided to purchase 3 more computers for our sons and my sister.  For those, we purchased 2 Thinkpad Y580s and a G580 online in September 2012. My sister helped to purchase the computers for my boys for Christmas and also paid me back for her own.  The computers have been so so in performance. We've had issues with 3 of the 5 computers. I had some issues with my computer and sent it in for repair. They fixed it and sent it back pretty fast but never fixed the USB ports. Unfortunately, I didn't notice and didn't send it back to them before the end of the warranty period.   I can live with that and possibly bring the computer in for repair myself, however, I believe that there might be a general problem with the Lenovo USB ports since my sister's and son's computers have a problem with the ports as well. Idk.

The real problem that I am having is that I found out that Lenovo doesn't send out the installation disks or software with the computers!!  They don't make sure the consumer is aware of that when they purchase it.  This is not the norm and therefore, I think it is necessary that they tell the consumer and let them know that AFTER the Warrranty period elapses that they will not give them these disks without a charge.  Heck, I never even knew that the computers didn't come with the disks.  Guess, I wasn't looking for them since the computers come pre-installed with the software.  People post the question asking if Lenovo sends out the disks with the computers because they can't find them.  I've never, ever purchased a computer and it not come with the software, so I think it's imperative to notify the Consumer that these disks ARE NOT included and the Consumer WILL BE charged for them after the warranty period is over.  I think this is pretty shady.  Why would I have to pay for the disks that I already paid for when I purchased the computer?  I didn't loose the disks but they were never provided to me.  So, you might respond that I should have backed up my programs?  I would have if I had known that the disks were not included!  I wasn't looking for that, it's not the norm in the field and so, I and most of the other people who purchased Lenovo computers, were not aware of that!

So, in order to reinstall everything, I'm being told that I have to pay for the disks.  How did I find this out?  I found out when my son's computer stopped working.  It basically gets to the page where the Window's Icon is initializing and it just keeps going in circles.  It never loads.  It works in safe mode but never loads when it's in normal mode.   We called Lenovo Tech support and support had me try and go thru the same steps we had already tried with the restore and repair, but it never got working.   We spoke to a friend who has some computer repair knowledge and he said that it sounds like Window's crashed so we would need to reinstall  the software.  I asked Lenovo customer support about the original software and if it had been sent out and they informed me that they do not send out disks.  They state that since my Warranty has elapsed (mind you only by about 2 weeks) then I would have to purchase the disks.  WTH??? I've never, ever heard of anything like that.  That is the most ridiculous thing ever.  Why would I have to purchase software that I already purchased with the computer?  That's Bogust.  What difference should it make if it is under Warranty or not since the software should come with the computer purchase?  They wouldn't budge.  Buy it or go without.

The computer is useless right now. I have a computer that I spent about $1,000 for and it's useless right now.  Not to mention, if something should go wrong with 1 of the other computers then I will have the same problem. Technically, that is what has already happened since my sister's computer is not working. I wasn't even aware but the computer I purchased on behalf of my sister, is not operating either.  I'm not totally sure about what is wrong with it or what all the remedies she has tried to repair it but I know that it's useless right now.  She is using her boy-friends old computer because her computer is not working.  She thinks that she got a virus or something and did try to restore it. Not sure if she tried repair to original settings but I've been limited on time to assist her with this since it happened.  She said that she had looked for the original disks because she was just going to reinstall everything and couldn't find them. She wasn't aware that they didn't come with the computer either.  I don't know if she actually needs the original programs to fix her problem or not but I do know, that I need it for my son's computer, since his Window's has crashed.  Hopefully, that is the problem and the hard drive hasn't just went out.  That would really suck. Unfortunately, we can't even figure it out until we try to reinstall the original software to see if it works.  We will still have to pay to get the USB and sound fixed.  If the drive went out then we are in serious trouble.   I did call Microsoft to see if they could help me and provide me with another download since I have the serial number for the registered copy that came with his computer but they wouldn't help me.  They offered to charge me like $100 or $190 or something like that, I seriously can't remember for their premium support.  They said that it would probably fix the problem.

I want everyone to know that these disks are NOT included and you will be charged for them if you need them.   Ya, I have money to throw around. I spent thousands on these Lenovo computers and I can't even get them to send us the disks that came with the installation programs. I don't have extra money to throw down the tubes.  I'm a disabled Vet and I do have to watch what I spend my money on. Technology and upgrading our computers is somewhat a priority to us because my kids are in College and my husband's job requires up to date technology. Still, I definitely don't have money to waste.  I shouldn't have to purchase the Window's 7 CD or another copy for this to be reinstalled.  I do hope that someone can assist because I'm pretty angry about the customer support and computer's quality so far.  

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