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Questions about Temps for ALL Lenovo Y510p Users!!

2015-06-20, 20:34 PM

I have a Lenovo Y510p with 2x GT 755m cards in SLI.


When playing games like WoW the MAX GPU temps on Card 1 reach 90°C. On Card 2 85°C.

At this point the game starts to stop responding. The screen will go black for about 1 second and
the laptop's fans will slow down for just a moment before the game resumes and the fans go back up.
This will happen pretty much any time the temps hit 90°C again.


  • I have a Notepal U3 laptop cooler with 1 fan on each GPU intake slot and 1 on the center of the laptop.
  • I have also repasted the CPU & BOTH GPUs with Arctic Cooling Silver 5.
  • I have modded the bottom case of my laptop to allow more air into the laptop.
  • The BIOS is also modified (so are the GPU BIOSes)


To stop the crashing I tried upping the voltage on both cards by 012.5mV - 025.0mV. This didn't
work at all. Games always seem to stop responding when temps get to 90°C. However my laptop
shouldn't even techinically be getting this hot in the first place. I'd rather max temps to sit
around 80C.


This laptop has always run pretty hot and I've always felt like I got a lemon as others have
explained to me that their laptops don't get anywhere near as hot as this.


As such I have some questions for other Y510p users:


1. What are your MAX temps whilst doing some extensive gaming?
2. Have you repasted your CPU & GPU?
3. Have you modded your Y510p fan intakes to allow for more air?
4. Do you use a cooler?
5. Do any of the games you try and play ever stop responding?


Also if anyone has any tips or anything, I am all ears. However at this point I don't expect this
piece of crap to really do any better as I feel I have already done everything I can do make it run
as good as it can.




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Re: Questions about Temps for ALL Lenovo Y510p Users!!

2016-08-25, 20:46 PM

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