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Questions about the Built in SSD

I bought a Lenovo IdeaPay Y570-2349 2 days ago and what made me buy it is the fact that it has an SSD + HDD




1) Why on earth did Lenovo Install Windows on the slower HDD rather than on the SSD?


2) When I inserted my Windows 7 DVD, I didn't get the option to install Windows on Disk 0 (the SSD) only saw Disk 1 (The HDD so I just removed the HDD and inserted my own Kingston KC100 120 GB SATA-III SSD and now my system is much snappier than before....but the question would one go about installing Windows on the built in SSD?


3) What is this Hybrid Driver concept all about? How does it work? I heard some people say that the pagefile goes on the SSD for faster access but Windows is installed on the HDD anyway? that doesn't make sense...furthermore,,when I checked in Windows the pagefile was on C: which is the HDD


4) Is the built in SSD the same size/form factor of a regular 2.5' SSD/HDD ? I mean, is there a way I can totally remove that built in SSD and put my own SSD in there? the reason I am asking is because the built in SSD is SATA-II which offers half the speed of my Kingston KC100 SSD-Sata-III   ........... is it easily accessible?



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Re: Questions about the Built in SSD

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