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Questions on Y580 hard drives and OneKey Recovery

1) I have a 1TB HDD (Samsung Spinpoint-Seagate) now that is failing, and was thinking of getting a 500GB. Someone told me (on another post) that OneKey recovery won't work if my second disk is smaller than my original one. Is this true?  If it is, it's unfair that Lenovo recovery won't take into consideration the partition size of the data partition. Why does it matter to the Lenovo Recovery software if I have 500GB or 1TB? 


2) Is my option then, installing my own copy of Win 7 with the product key at the bottom of my laptop? Would that work?


3) Also, I've been trying the regular Windows based backup for 1 whole day, on an external disk and on DVDs and it's just failiing. This is a brand new system just recovered using OneKey Recovery. The Windows 7 based backup (Create System Image) does NOT work. Do you know why? (There's no error message - just "Backup failed" - and "Creation of Shadow Copy Timed out. Try this operation again" - "Windows backup timed out before the shared protection point was created. 0x80780021). I've checked all services and the Windows backup fails. Does this have sth to do with Lenovo OEM?!


4) In the maintenance manual, most of the 1 TB HDDs have a spec of 9.5mm (for ex:

MK5061GSY and WD10JPVT)


and NOT 7mm. In some other question, people are being asked to get a 7mm drive. I am confused as to which one would work? Please clarify. Thanks.


I believe 9.5mm is the height of these drives, and they seem to be in that chart. Why were they mentioning 7mm?


5) There's a 3.5 inch SSHD in the market. Would that work. What does 2.5 inch actually mean in this context? Is it the form factor? Does that mean a bigger height?

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Re: Questions on Y580 hard drives and OneKey Recovery

By my understanding, the onekey recovery key targets on specific part in the harddisk. say, your recovery partition is stored in partition 3, and in original factory hard disk, your parttion 3 was in block 30000 to the end of harddisk. if you get a smaller disk, the partition 3 might get stay from 20000 to the end of harddisk or your partition 3 not even have enough room to store into the harddisk.

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