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Paper Tape
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Quick Question About Y510p (59405668)

so i just bought the y510p with the 755m and DVD Drive, i was wondering can i swap out the dvd drive with the 755 removable graphics for duo capabilities? 

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-11-2014
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Y510P (59405668) 755m Removable?

so i was wondering is the removable 755m Reovable Graphics Card working properly for the 59405668 model running windows 8.1? i've heard its not recgonized by the system?

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Re: Y510P (59405668) 755m Removable?

In case, you have not yet decided. My advice would be to stay away from SLI.


If you wanted SLI, you should have purchased it. There are several problems being reported with SLI - BIOS problems, SLI recognition problem, Latest 8.1 problems, Micro stuttering. In addition to all these, you will have to buy a new 170W power adapter as well.


As such, a single 755M provides nice power. All my games run at High or Very HIgh settings such as Tomb Raider, Thief, Specs Ops The Line, Dead Space 3, Hitman Absolution. At the moment, I see no need to be adding another graphics card amidst so many problems.


I cannot recommend an upgrade unless you want to take the risk of sacrificing a perfectly good system.

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