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Random SSHD Spikes to 100% with 0 transfer rate



Just to let you know, I'm having this issue on a Lenovo Y5070, with the latest drivers installed, including the latest BIOS version.I have an original copy of Windows 10 home installed on it.The laptop is very well optimized : no viruses, no malware, no services running in the background (besides vital ones, like Nvidia display Driver an Intel Services), no start-up programs, no scheduled tasks.The power option is set on High Performance, with the SSHD set to never go to sleep or anything like that.Notifications are completely disabled and all Windows 10 data collection stuff has been disabled from Windows settings.Disabling Superfetch hasn't helped.The windows search for corrupted system files has found 0 corrupted files.In BIOS, the controller is set to AHCI.


The SSHD has been formated a few weeks ago, when I've installed the Windows. It has a 0% fragmentation rate.The scans I did with both Windows Disk Scanner and Crystal Disk info show no errors or bad sector. S.M.A.R.T. analysis shows that the performance is 100% and the fitness of the disk is 99%,


At completely random times the SSHD has spikes in disk usage to 100% that last one second.Most of the times the disk has 0 transfer rate or very close to 0 (the disk is not writing or reading anything and there is 0% CPU usage).I notice those spikes because of the sound made by the SSHD or the lag caused while watching a movie.Interesting enough, I don't notice those spikes while gaming.I've read some forums about Intel Link Power Management and Intel Rapid Storage as possible causes, but I'm not sure what those are and how can I disable them if I have them.


What do you think can be the cause of this and what would be a way to identify the problem and solve it?


Any advice would really help me out,

Thank you!

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Re: Random SSHD Spikes to 100% with 0 transfer rate

It's quite possible, since your set-up is new, that you are hearing your SSHD transfering data to the 8GB cache to help with quicker start-ups with windows and commonly used programs. That's what that solid state memory is in there for. You have no control of that. An algorithm does this behind the scenes and adjusts what's duplicated on the solid state cache as it learns how you use your laptop. When I had my Momentus XT, it did the same thing periodically. I have an ADATA 960GB SSD now.

Ideapad Z585 A10-4600m, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 memory, 960GB ADATA SP550 SSD, TS -LB23L DVDWBD with LightScribe, Win7 64bit

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