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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z510 CPU stuck at 0.77GHz

hello my friend Vincent_Rey Smiley Very Happy i have the same issue of cpu stocking on 0.78GHz and your solution seems very helpful and had too much of logic ! but there is one problem , i don't kow how to disconnect and remove the battery ! it is as simple as that ???
please help and thnx Smiley Very Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo Z510 CPU stuck at 0.77GHz

Hi i have the same problem with my G50-30. BIOS version is the last available: A7CN45WW.

Any suggestion? Thanks.

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Re: Lenovo Z510 CPU stuck at 0.77GHz

Same problem here, 50% of starting PC, CPU becoming stuck at 0.77GHz. When i restart PC, problem was solved. Really low time CPU become stuck to 1.5GHz. Changing CPU option on battery energy profile problem was solved on same session, without PC restart. Think is a Winsows though energy manager software of Lenovo on this Lenovo Z510 create serious malfunction on hardware/software (my old forum post never solved).

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Z510 CPU stuck at 0.77GHz

I have the exact same issue, but I am using a Lenovo Y50 4K Intel I7- 4710HQ with a GTX 860 4GB, and its really annoying when I play PUBG i get Framedrops every 10-20 seconds, then it goes to normal

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Z510 CPU stuck at 0.77GHz



just in case anyone runs into this post having the same issues with Thinkpas, as i did. The error is definitely battery related. I found an easy workaround for my Thinkpad E480:

- unplug Laptop

- restart and enter Bios

- Look for the option to safely remove battery. If you activate that option, your laptop will be shut down.

- Plug your Laptop and it will automatically restart with full cpu load

==> Problem solved for me


Best regards

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