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Paper Tape
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Reinstalling IdeaPad Z710 OS

Hi guys.

I have a IdeaPad Z710 laptop but the internal HDD is so slow. I bought a SSD and reinstalled with Ubuntu but this OS is not good so far and I want to install a windows 8. My question is: what I need to do to have the OS discs/ISO and where is the license key?
thanks in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Reinstalling IdeaPad Z710 OS

If you havent wiped the hdd that it came with.  Reinstall the drive and boot from it.  Create a USB or DVD recovery with it.


If you did, you'll either have to order a recovery disc from lenovo.


You could google WPKey ( The OEM key is stored in bios, This is a tool to retrieve it ) and find installation media by other means.


But then Windows 8 is no better than Ubuntu unless you need to run software you can get to run on linux.  If your issue with ubuntu is the nasty Unity interface you can simply install Gnome or KDE for a more Traditional Look&Feel

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