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Paper Tape
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Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator Lenovo y50 Laptop

Hi, i've been reading through an endless amount of forum threads to figure out how to remove this caps lock indicator and have not been able to fix my problem. It seems every solution in the control panel does not fit, and no matter how much i look in Registry Editor I can't find the right folders. I don't have the Widcomm folders. 


This is what I have tried. 

1. unchecking any caps lock indication in the control panel.

2. Looking through Registry Editor to delete/rename/alter files.

3. Deleting and re-installing Lenovo Energy Manager.


How is this problem fixed for me? 


I am running windows 10, and a rather new Lenovo Y50 laptop

Bit Torrent
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Re: Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator Lenovo y50 Laptop

Its not a problem and every notebook should have those indicators light up.
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Paper Tape
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Re: Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator Lenovo y50 Laptop

But this was an option the first time I booted up the computer, and it keeps minimizing programs running in fullscreen. There has to be a way of removing this.

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Re: Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator Lenovo y50 Laptop

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Codenamer !


I assume that you are trying to remove the on-screen display for the Caps and Numlock.  If so, try uninstalling Lenovo Utility from your computer.  On some models, this install enables the on-screen display.  Unfortunately removing Lenovo Utility may have additional side effects as what this utility all does isn't well documented.  It may just be related to on-screen display, but it could have another functions as well.  Best you can do is give it a try and see. If you encounter other problems then re-install it.  

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Re: Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator Lenovo y50 Laptop

Hi there.. Smiley Happy


I too have Y50 & i have disabled those simply by disabling the two startup items under the task manager... They are lenovo utility(same name 2 times) not energy manager(it has nothing to do with the hot key integration)...... By this way we are disabling the hotkey enable popup OSD....


Post back if it works.. Smiley Happy




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