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Replacing HDD with either SSD or SSHD on Lenovo Z580

Howdy y'all,


So I have a Lenovo Z580. Model Name 2151. i5-3230M, 8GB RAM, 635M graphics.


I also have a desktop PC with an SSD and a Lenovo Z50-70 with an SSHD. 


When using this Z580, I do find the access speeds to be slow. Of course, it's only got a 5400RPM.


What I'd like to do is either replace the HDD with an SSD or maybe an SSHD.


I did some Googling and I have discovered that some people who have tried to do this have had issues with the drive not being recognised.


Does anyone know of anything in particular drive-wise that laptop does not support? I know how to fit the drive so that isn't an issue but seems there may be some hardware it can't support? UEFI maybe? I don't know.


Also, can I create a new installation disc from the Lenovo recovery partition, or would i have to buy a new Windows licence?


Cheers all

Bit Torrent
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Re: Replacing HDD with either SSD or SSHD on Lenovo Z580

What OS do you have? What is the version of OKR?

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