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Review of lenovo ideapad Z710

Hello i am gonna Review my new lenovo Ideapad Z710!!! laptop 


Pros: 1)Very good high quality parts feels highly  durable and reliable

           2)This laptop doesn't heat up at all!!! there is a large heatsink pipe to processor and the nvidia           chipset!!great cooling design by lenovo

           3)very easy upgrade for the end user = just remove 3 screws on the back of the laptop we can access ram,hdd,cpu even cmos battery that's fantastic!!!!

           4)backlit keyboard 

           5)screen picture quality is great with FHD (1920x1080)

           6)this laptop produces great sound designed by JBL!!! thanks to JBL

           7)i can able to play far cry 3,bio schock with medium to high setting without any problems!!! (obviously any laptop can heat up in this situtation play games with cooling pad not a bad idea)

          8)720P web camera picture quality is great!!!!


cons: 1)keyboard feels plasticky there is no screw holding for the keyboard (it may come out easily we use more pressure)

          2)touchpad sometimes doesn't respond to my clicks but after updating drivers it is OK now!!!


issues i faced with this laptop is i can't able to turn ON the laptop when it is on cold boot from battery there is fix for that it worked me just follow this steps

1)take the battery out of the laptop

2)disconnect the ac adapter

3)press and hold power button for 30 seconds clears out the residual charge that was left (this happens if you keep overcharging the battery even after full charge)

4)connect every thing back and turn ON by hitting "one key recovery button"

5)a window will pop up and there you select "bios setup"

6) press Fn+F9 to restore factory optimal default settings

7)finally, press Fn+F10 to save and exit the bios configuration!!! 


boom that worked for me!!!!


for 900$ you are getting (core i7 4700hq+nvidia gt745M+1TB hdd+8gb @1600mhz ram+durable laptop) it really worth  for the money!!! 


what we would like see with lenovo ideapad z710? 


1)better keyboard quality 

2)it could be better if the laptop come with intel 802.11ac

3) atleast two Msata slots to run in raid -0 configuration!!! or  an ssd

 that's all my review if you have any question or any problems with this laptop let me know i can able to help!!! thanks for reading  Cat Happy!!!















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