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SLI worth the upgrade?

Hey all! I purchased a Y510p (single graphics card, 8gb, 24gb ssd) a month ago. I recently checked on the price of the SLI version on Amazon dropped down to the price of my purchase. I contacted Lenovo in the hopes of maaaybe cutting me out a sweet deal but...they don't do price matching or any free upgrade (I tried ;P).


So now, I'm interested on getting a second gt750m but from what I've read there are some compatibility issues with Win 8.1 with its BIOS and whatnot. I've scoured through threads in here and I'm getting mixed results that it doesn't work and some posts saying it works fine after some returns.


Is it worth the upgrade? I don't want to buy one and end up dealing with customer service and doing returns. Also, I play Borderlands 2 most of the time and I want to see it how it performs with PhysX and everything maxed out. (if you're on Steam hit me up! Same Steam ID Smiley Wink)



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