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Punch Card
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Thanks for ur quick replay. I reached lenovo customer care throgh email and they r saying it is not covered under warranty.  i have warrnty periode upto 3 years.  To whom i have to contact to get this fixed.

Thanks and Regards

Paper Tape
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Re: [SOLVED!] Z580 - can't enter BIOS

hi just thought i'de let you know how i got into my bios running windows 8.1 just in case it will help any one else as i spent hours trying to get in 


first of all i down loaded the latest bios files from the lenova web site called 5fcn95ww_private 64bit.exe and 5fcn95ww_public 64bit.exe 


then go 

control panel - power options - choose what closing the lid does 

click the writing in blue that says 

change settings that are currently unavailable

then under shut down settings un tick turn on fast start up


i then rebooted 


then i doubled clicked the 5fcn95ww_private 64bit.exe file and the computer updated the bios 


after that had completed i shut down computer holding the shift key 


then press the lenova button to switch on and select bios and entre


the bios should now start up 



Paper Tape
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Re: [SOLVED!] Z580 - can't enter BIOS

Will this flash work on the i7 win8 (now win10) version?

Paper Tape
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Re: [SOLVED!] Z580 - can't enter BIOS

Tried but came up with error 182 Bios is equal or older than ROM!

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