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Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎03-20-2009
Location: California
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Screen on Ideapad Y530 shuts off or goes extremely dark

I have a fairly new (3 month old) Lenovo ideapad Y530.


My laptop screen will occassionally (anywhere from a few times per day to a few times per week) go completly black or get too dim to read anything on the screen. In the past closing the laptop lid for a few seconds and then opening it again fixed it, but that fix is becoming less and less reliable. 


Sometimes if I open the lid slowly the screen will flicker on for a second and then go black again.


Since I have had this computer the screen shuts off during boot up and then goes extremely dim during the login until you click the mouse, I assumed this was normal or not a big deal.


I was doing searches for this problem in the forum and I noticed someone talking about how it happened when they moved it and my experience is beginning to corroborate that though I don't feel there is a conclusive link yet. Unfortunately on subsequent searches of this forum I could not find the post. 


The power management settings appear to have no effect. It happens no matter what power mode I am in nor does it matter if I am plugged in or not. I set my screen to never turn off if I was plugged in on high performace and it still happened.


It does not appear to be a heat issue either as it has turned off mere minutes into a fairly low intensity session.


I went to the Lenovo support site for display drivers, but it says that the driver they have posted is older than the one I have currently installed.


The rest of the computer functions normally when the screen goes off, videos play, music stays on, documents stay open, etc.


I don't wish to be a bother but I am at a national debate tournament and I use my laptop to track the rounds. The tournament starts tomorrow and if my screen goes off again it will be disasterous. Please help. 



Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎09-08-2008
Location: Pakistan
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Re: Screen on Ideapad Y530 shuts off or goes extremely dark

What is the intensity/brightness level setting on your screen?




Dr. Khan