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Hi, i have a problem. I love gaming and bought the Lenovo Y50-70. My problem is, when I play/install a game, the text is unreadable and the window display on screen is tiny. The deskop is normal.  


Cant install the game.PNG


This could be happening because the game installed is incompatible with the current display settings.


Right click on Desktop, click Display Resolution and select 1920*1080 in the windows. Apply and close it.


 Also,  if an application is not designed to run on high resolutions (i.e., FHD (1920x1080) or  UHD 4K (3840x2160px), you will see a large / blurry fonts or the resolution of the app itself is abnormal.


1. Follow this guide on how to adjust the DPI scaling and set the value to smaller (you may need to logout and re-login for the changes to take effect).


2. Adjust the screen resolution to your liking like what have been suggested (eg. 1920x1080) and observe if the program now looks normal like.


If you get the same problem, check this guide on how to make the Windows Desktop work well on High-DPI displays and fix blurry fonts.

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