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Paper Tape
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Accepted Solution

Service warranty denied for Y570 new Laptop claiming spill damage as the reason when I called


Hi, My case is almost Identical to this Gentleman case,



although mine was Sent to a repair center at

Lenovo Authorized Service Center,

4051 N. Hwy 121, Ste. 100,

Grapevine,  TX  76051



I bought my Laptop a new Lenovo Ideapad Y570. in January 10th of this year. It was shipped and I recieved it about a week later. The laptop was great and I began loading all my software for work. I work in a Lab and was doing a word report on the computer when I suddenly noticed that the battery Icon was not charging, it was about 75%. I had been working on the computer for about 3 hours in the lab and there were no issues untill now.  I checked  the power outlet  and it was plugged in. I tried another outlet and it began to charge again. Later that day the same thing happened. The computer battery was draining even though the laptop was plugged in. I continued on my report trying to finish it for the day before it drained the battery. Just as I finished and closed the report, a battery power warning came up and the laptop eventually died. The keyboard functioned perfectly, the Blu Ray drive, everything that day as I loaded word software on the computer and some other software as well. The computer had no issue other than this power issue. Once the computer died, it only flashed the power button when plugged in. But would not power back up. Its like power was disconencted from to the battery somehow and from powering up the computer. But lights flashed so it sensed the power supply connected when plugged in. After trying several out lets and re-trying to power up again. It blipped on a couple times telling me to plug in the laptop. Eventually it was just dead.


Frustrated i called the warranty and they sent me a shipping lable to the address above. My concerns were no more. Or so i thought. i was going to take the drive out and decided just to ship it with the computer.There was NO spill damage when it Left the Detroit area.


Side Note: This computer was never near any water or any other liquid, I never spilled anything on it ever. Liquids are not even allowed near our laptops in the lab where it never left there since getting it.  It was completely dry, no sticky anything or water or anything.


After about a week of shipping and they recieved it repairs were started they claimed,  the other day I checked the status on my case #. again, and it said contact support, your computer has damage not covered by your warranty.


When I called I got a tech support person in the Phillipenes, they claimed there was spill damage to the mother Board and it needs to be replaced. $360.00. I was furious, but she said there was nothing she could do for me but forward it to a customer resolution group or something that will contact me in a few days. I said I want to dispute this, There was nothing spilled on it. She even mentioned something wrong with the keyboard which I also know was false because I typed an entire report with no issues.


I am outraged and furious. I asked is there not a number at the Repair Center or a Customer Resolution phone number, she claimed there is no phone number!!!. Come on really!!


I cannot believe this is happeneing!! There WAS NOTHING SPILLED ON IT!!


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME , or direct me how to deal with these absolutely false accusations of Spill Damage by Lenovo. I tried to explain that the laptop was working fine , it was some sort of power issue. Replace the old battery with a charged one and see if it powers up and works.. I bet it does. I was laughed at in a noisy background call center  made it hard to hear her. and she said sorry Mr jeff , But there is nothing we can do, you can pay the repair or we can return it the way it is.




I need to talk to this guy who helped the case simular to mine. I am so upset with this purchase.


ThinkPads: S30, T43, X60t, X200 IdeaPad Y710, IdeaCentre: A300, IdeaPad K1

 Mark Hopkins Program Manager, Lenovo Social Media


Anyone know how to talk to him?


Any other advice or help would be appreciated.



What's DOS?
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Re: Service warranty denied for Y570 new Laptop claiming spill damage as the reason when I called

Hey, I know this is definitely not going to be the message your hoping for, but I cant find out where or how to be able to contact lenovo to send my laptop in for repairs, it is unfortunately for a spill but I cant find out how to send it in for repairs, how did you do it??

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Service warranty denied for Y570 new Laptop claiming spill damage as the reason when I called

If Lenovo does nothing to help you, dispute the warranty claim with your credit card company.


Most credit card companies will back you up if you made a purchase with a warranty on it (as they will extend it themselves). This way, you'll at least get a response from Lenovo, if they keep treating you like garbage and falsly accusing you.

Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-22-2012
Location: Sterlijng Heights, Mi
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Re: Service warranty denied for Y570 new Laptop claiming spill damage as the reason when I called

Turns out they are going to help me. I explained to another tech support person and, wee looked into my warranty coverage, and it looks like I had an upgraded Thinkplus Maintenance warrranty after all. So they agreed to cover it. Its being fixed now.




To the guy who wants to send in his laptop. Just call 1-877-453-6686. Give them your serial number and if your covered they will send you a shipping lable. If not then you will have to pay for repairs and shipping, bujt they will tell you were to send it.

What's DOS?
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Re: Service warranty denied for Y570 new Laptop claiming spill damage as the reason when I called

I sent in my computer 2 weeks ago and it was a screen display video thing and all they want to do it wipe out hard drive. I get the run around with Phillipines and I have asked for 3 days to return my computer. They say they rue waiting on a status report! What does that mean? I have called every number to find how to talk to TX and no one knows! How do they have my imputed and I have to talk to Philipines? This is the worst customer service. I have a call into Texas attorney general and Better Bus. Andy other suggestion on how to get my computer back?