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Blue Screen Again
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Simple solution to brightness problem on Z500 and many others!!!

Can someone PLEASE pin this post or create your own with this SIMPLE solution to a problem that has been occurring for YEARS! It happened to me several years ago with Windows 8.1, and now again with Windows 10. Even more infuriating, I did not remember the solution and spent way too much time on online forums (including this one) and was unable to find the solution until now. It needs to be highlighted at the top of this forum and the forums for any of the other Lenova models that this solution applies to.


So, if your screen has suddenly gone dark after a Windows update, and you are unable to adjust the brightness, you probably need to "roll back" to the previous video driver for the Intel HD Graphics 4000, or if you have the microsoft basic display adapter, this should work for you, too.


Download the previous driver here, install, and voila! the light comes back to your screen before it even finishes the install!


I realize (now) that this solution is posted several places on this website. However, I want to save anyone else from wasting hours of their life trying all these elaborate fixes, when it takes about 2 minutes. Huge thanks to ishaan for this post!



What's DOS?
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Re: Simple solution to brightness problem on Z500 and many others!!!

I created an account on here just so I could thank you! 


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