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Sleep/Wake up Problem

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I bought my Lenovo Y560 back in July, and since then I have been experiencing a somewhat serious problem. Basically what happens is after I put my computer to sleep for a while and I wake it up I get either 2 of the following problems:


1- It freezes for a few secs and then I get the message "amd driver has crashed" (or something similar to that)

2- I often start watching a video in FireFox and then I stop it before putting my computer to sleep.Now, once I turn it back on and I try to resume the video my FireFox freezes, I can still do things on the computer, but firefox won't close and, If I press ALT+F4 my computer freezes completly.


I highly believe that my firefox has some sort of problem, and it's the one causing this, but it doesn't make much sense to me, since I have been using FF for ever in different systems and I have never experienced anything similar to this before. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit atm,  it's not the one that came by default, because I screwed up my Home Premium  after I intstalled linux, nevertheless everything else works perfectly aside from that. I never get bluescreens or anything like that. On a different topic I would like to know how could i use the code I have behind my laptop to get a free copy of windows Home Premium. Thx for your time, and have a great day.


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Re: Sleep/Wake up Problem

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Try uninstalling FF and then see if the problem persists.
(You have the option of deleting your FF profile or not, saved
bookmarks, etc.)
Use IE in the mean time.
If no more problem, then re-install FF.

Make sure your graphics driver is up to date.

Use Magic Jellybean, or Activation Backup Restore to
get the Windows key in use for easier activation in case you re-install.

It is different than the key on your laptop.
The programs can be found by searching the web.

If it gets to the point where you do need to re-install,
post back and a link can be found to download Windows 7.

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