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Slow boot Z580



I just bought a shiny new Ideapad Z580 with an i7 processor and 8GB RAM, and was pretty disappointed with the startup time... initially, it took around 2 minutes, but after runnning the optimisation tool that Lenovo provides and removing unnecessary applications using msconfig, it takes around 50 seconds.


This is substantially different to the 24s startup Lenovo seems to claim with the Enhanced Experience 3 they provide with the laptop. I would like to ask, is this startup time normal, or is there something wrong with the laptop?



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Re: Slow boot Z580



Welcome To Lenovo Community


Kindly Uninstall the Boot Optimizer and reinstall again , this will fix the issue. If you can’t  go to Control Panel please kindly  start  PC in  Safemode then uninstall. Next time when you are using boot optimizer. It will restart 2 times. One optimization  general setting done second boot it will calculate the boot time . Just ignore the restart pop up after two times restart

Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer


Please let us know if you have any further question.

Hope This Helps



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Re: Slow boot Z580

I bought online, from LENOVO, a brand new Z580; at first the computer would start up at about 30 seconds, two months later it takes 1 minute 35 seconds to start; I followed RMattoo's advise but there was no improvement. My computer is an i5, windows 7, 1tb, enhanced experience 3. Help me solve this issue please.

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Re: Slow boot Z580

Hi Corsair,


maybe to many unnecessary Windows Services running,

please have a look at Black Vipers Website...



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Re: Slow boot Z580


It took me less than five minutes to follow your instructions (I am a novice); the problem was solved; the computer now starts in 23 seconds.


I disabled an old, not connected, printer.


I am curious why it still was on the start up if I had uninstalled it.





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Re: Slow boot Z580

Corsair... often printers won't uninstall properly, glad you found out, Smiley Wink


cheers... Zehn

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Re: Slow boot Z580

I brought lenovo z580 i7 3rd gen processor takes 1 min to boot.its very slow as compared to cheaper dell laptops.why lenovo gives 5400 rpm hdd whereas others give faster 7200 rpm hdd when i spend soo much on laptop? i wanna get rid of one touch backup(use max hdd space)+power dvd and voovoo.all non useful stuff. my battery life too woories me .it doesnt run 5 hrs but only 2 on batterys.pls help. i requested mail help and i am not replied from last 3 working days.

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Re: Slow boot Z580

Hi I was directed to this pg from another Lenovo Community page when I was looking for the software for the Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer for Z580 machine .I have uninstalled the SW earlier. I notice the file mentioned cale10ww.exe 12.7 mb is actually for the Lenovo Z570 -see link below,machine and is available in the Drivers and Download software's for that machine. Is it the same for the Z580 ?


I need the exact link for  i7 Z580 machine under Windows 7, 8gb ram , 1tb hard disk, 2gb graphics.

Machine Type Z580  59-339356


Thanks !





Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer for Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows XP - IdeaPad Z570
Name Operating System Version Released Add to download list Download now
Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer cale10ww.exe 12.7MBWindows 7 32bit, Windows 7 64bit, Windows XP0.0.1.528 Mar 2012
Supported Systems
  • IdeaPad Z570


Supported Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit, 64-bit, Windows XP


  • Lenovo
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