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Smoke coming out of my Ideapad z370. What's with Lenovo and heating problems?

Hi! I have a lenovo ideapad z370 laptop. I bought it 6 months ago. I only use it for writting, internet, youtube, music... All very simple and not too resource consuming.

A month ago, it was working on battery, on a table, clean surface, and I started to see smoke coming out of the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. I then realised that the keyboard was very hot and it smelled of burnt plastic.

I switched off the computer and took the battery out, noticing it was extremelly hot. The battery had a burnt corner. And the whole keyboard was very hot.

As the laptop is on guarantee, I immediately sent it to the official repair service. After a full month, they sent it back to me, not explaining what the problem was (just a mere note "charge problem"). They had replaced the whole screen piece (I could see that from the covering plastics) and who knows how many other pieces.

I switched on the computer, did a quick test to see that everything worked, and surprise! the loudspeakers do not work. I need to send the laptop back to repair...


I would like to know:

1. What went wrong? Why did the computer suddenly burn out?

2. How can I prevent this from happening again?

3. Are all official lenovo repair shops as innefficient as the Spanish one?


At the moment, I would by no mean recommend anyone in Spain to buy lenovo. There are 2 reasons for this: it sets on fire just out of the blue and the official repair service is useless.


Many thanks!

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Re: Smoke coming out of my Ideapad z370. What's with Lenovo and heating problems?

1) Smokes indicate a short circuit of some sort. But the repair depot don't have the equipment to analyse every possible circuitry that exists on the laptop.

They merely diagnose which major parts don't work and then replace the part.

2) These short circuit events are quite rare if you don't spill anything on the laptop, or work in a high humidity or/and high dust environment.

3) Sometimes long delay could be due to inability to get parts. But there could be other reasons for the long delay.

Jin Li

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