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[Solution] Y550 Vibrating Optical Drive

Does your optical drive vibrate immensely while reading or burning optical media? This drove me nuts, and prompted me to find better usage for the space. After ordering a hard drive caddy for the optical bay, I decided I might as well crack the drive open.


There is a singular screw behind the rear panel holding in the optical drive. Once removed, the drive slides out.


On the top side of the drive are 3 screws that hold the metal cover down. Removing these three screws exposes the optical drive.


I will provide the photo as soon as I can take it again, but there is a screw that is below the black plastic, that tends to loosen off. I verified all the torques on these screws, some were very loose. Upon tightening and closing, the drive is nearly silent now.


For anyone who is concerned with exposing the laser, it's exposed when you eject the drive anyways. Still, I offer this option without any guarantee. There are no warranty stickers impacted during this process.

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