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Solution - Z500 Windows 10 - Dimness (F11 and F12) and Silverlight Fix - Solved

Hi I just wanted to share my fix to both these problems. 


This is not exactly how I did it, but it seems logical approach and could prevent you from corrupting your system


Step One - Fixes dimness only


1. Open RegEdit

2. Click the COMPUTER root location in the left hand window

3. Click EDITt>FIND>enter "FeatureTestControl" in the FIND WHAT text box>

4. Ensure VALUES is checked in the option below

5. After the search > click on "FeatureTestControl" values

6. Right Mouse click and select MODIFY

7. Change value to 0xF048.

8. Then restart your PC and brightness controls shlould work fine.


Step Two - could fix Dimness and Sliverlight at the same time 


If Step One does not work or if you couldn't locate the " FeatureTestControl" registry, then do the folllowing:


1. Go to dwvice manager

2. Select display adaptors

3, Remove all the existing Display Adaptors in Device Manager - and reboot. Don't worry the monitor will still work in windows.

4. Install latest Intel HD Graphics Driver by insatlling Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64bit (3rd Gen & BYT) . This will install the Intel HD Control Panel and the correct driver for your display device!

5. Click on .exe or Zip (I downloded the zip - I am not sure if one is better than the other)

5.Silverlight worked after I did this and the F11 and F12 button still working.



Step Three

The F11 and F12 buttons are still working, but out of curiousity, I went back to the regedit and checked the value in "FeatureTestControl" and the value changed to "41f0482". I have not tried putting the value back to  0xF048  as in step one, as I didnt want to mess up silverlight and the F11/12 buttons.


Hope this helps


UPDATE: The display device in your laptop is an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, you need to have the latest drivers for this. But when you install the Intel HD Control Panel, the driver will automatically installed!

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