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Some information before I upgrade my Y580...

2013-01-24, 3:22 AM

Hello everyone,


I recently took the plunge on the Y580, it was a great deal and I was excited about the prospect of upgrading it to boost its performance even a little further. The problem is, while I'm not completely inexperienced, I'm not very experienced,  so I am concerned about making a rookie mistake in choosing  the hardware for the upgrade. Well, that, and I am also a little uncertain if one of the upgrades I want to do is even possible, so I guess I'd like to ask about that too. Any relevant information would be appreciated.

So, about that potentially impossible upgrade. The impression I got after reading around a bit is that the Y580 has both an HDD and an SDD-- i.e. not one of those hybrid drives. A friend of mine cautioned me that the drive might be a hybrid, which would consequently mean there is only one slot in there. Is my assumption that they are two physically separate drives correct? What I'd like to do is remove the small SDD and replace it with a larger 256GB SDD that I'd put my OS on, and then use the remaining 1 TB HDD as supplemental storage. Of course, this would only work if the Y580 can contain the two separate drives. Is there anything I should know about that might throw a wrench in my plans? What would be some known SSDs that work with the Y580?


I'm also considering upgrading the RAM to 16GB. There seems to be some conflicting information about whether the Y580 can handle an upgrade to 16GB, but after reading around here for a while, the general consensus seems to be that it is possible. Is there a reason why there is so much conflicting information-- e.g. would the upgrade be harmful to the system in any way? Any recommendations on known types that would work with the Y580?


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Re: Some information before I upgrade my Y580...

2013-01-26, 1:20 AM

hi msanis88,


Welcome to the Lenovo Community.


If you have the Lenovo Y580 as listed in this pdf data sheet, then this is already a good setup. The sole purpose of the mSATA SSD is to improve system performance by caching data.


It's not recommended to change the built-in mSATA SSD to as much as a 256GB mSATA SSD drive as you won't benefit from the built-in mSATA SSD's caching performance unless you will make this replacement drive as a primary drive and make the 1TB HDD as a secondary storage.(this unit has a slot fot an SSD and HDD).


If you want to greatly speed the overall performance though, I would get a 2.5 SATA III SSD Vertex 4, and make it as a primary drive and install the Operating System and frequently accessed softwares / files there and I'll get a 2.5 SATA enclosure to use with the 1TB HDD or sacrifice your ODD by putting the HDD there by getting a 12.7mm HDD Caddy (you can get a 12.7mm ODD Enclosure to still use your ODD).


As for the RAM, the Y580 can only accommodate 8GB max (PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3, non-parity) as listed in this pdf data sheet.


See page 39 on how to replace the HDD and page 42 on how to access the SSD compartment under the Hardware Maintenance Manual.



Please backup your files before upgrading.

You can clean install your OS to the new 256 SSD drive using a retail copy of Windows or try this software (or a similar app) to move yuor OS and apps from your HDD to the new mSATA SSD. 


Edit: added links


Hope this helps.

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Re: Some information before I upgrade my Y580...

2013-01-26, 10:01 AM

neokenchi, are the BIOS whitelisted products the only ones that will work in the new systems with UEFI BIOS? If so, according to the Y480/Y580 HMM, there are only certain drives that can be installed. One thing I took away from that document, however, is that the Micron M4 64GB mSATA drive is on the FRU list. 64GB is on the small side, but it is big enough to get Window 8 onto, and with some creative tweaking of the unattended install process, it could be made to work.


As for the 8GB max, I'm curious as to the accuracy of that, since there are 8GB sticks of RAM listed in the FRU parts list for the Y580. In fact, I am going to test this very issue next week with a U510 when my replacement arrives - I've got additional memory on the way for it, too, and I'm going to see if it will use 16GB.


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Re: Some information before I upgrade my Y580...

2013-01-26, 17:12 PM
I can confirm that 16GB (2 x 8GB) works just fine. Also, I installed the M4 256GB mSATA drive and kept the 1TB drive installed as storage. I did not re-partition the drive, but just formatted the 950GB system partition. This ensures you don't break OKR functionality.
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