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Something is VERY wrong with my USB cords+Ports! Help!!

I have a LenovoY580 Laptop, and overall, I have 4 USB ports, and 4 USB cords. I've noticed some weird issues or discoveries where a USB cord would only work in certain USB ports in my Laptop. And even a strange case where the USB cord I have worked in all usb ports, but with another cord it would only work in a certain port.

In fact, let me make it easier.

Left Side of Laptop:

USB Port 1
USBPort 2

Right Side:

USB Port 3(used strictly or my wireless mouse)
USB Port 4.

And USB Cords:

both C+D are identical, except that "D" is newer(just got it yesterday)

USB cords A, B, C will only work on the right side of the laptop. Not the left side at all.

USB cord D however, will work on all sides of the laptop.

So I have to ask, what exactly does this really mean? Why are the cords like this? Could A, B, C be corrupt? But if so, why would it only work on the right side, instead of not working at all? Why is USB cord D the only one to work on all sides, despite being identical to C?

And yes, I have tried 3 different devices, and they come up with the same result.

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Re: Something is VERY wrong with my USB cords+Ports! Help!!

Does the D cord seem to fit a little more snug than the ABC cords?   Have you tried putting a light pressure on the ABC cords when plugged into the left side from different angles to see if they work?  My guess is the plugs on the ABC cords are worn and aren't fitting as tight as D or the contacts of ABC plugs are dirty.

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Re: Something is VERY wrong with my USB cords+Ports! Help!!

Maybe your laptop only has the drivers installed for certain devices on the port they were installed on. My cellphone does this, and so does my external sound card.

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