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I spilled a drink on my Y580 and this resulted in a dead keyboard


I have since ordered a new one and while I know I should contact Service to get it replaced I have ordered a new one and intend to change the keyboard myself.


Is there a guide or resource I can refer to for this? 


The following video is a guide for the replacement and removal of the keyboard in the Y480/580, which is an FRU part.




For a step-by-step guide to replacing the keyboard, please refer to Pages 44 - 45 of the IdeaPad Y480/580 HMM here.





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Will changing your keyboard void the warranty of your system?


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I used Lenovo yoga pro 2 since 6 month, Last week during using my laptop suddently water spilled onto my laptop>
The display suddently blank. I send my laptop to service center for reapring.. Sad to hear damage by splii of water will not covered by warranty is true?


Hi where ca i buy a keyboard for replacement ?