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Suggestion for Password Manager update for Firefox beta 3

I realize that other users are having trouble with the Password Manager and pop-ups in Firefox.
I am not having that particular problem.
My problem is with automatic field filling by the Password Manager 2.0 extension in Firefox beta 3.
I entered the xpi file and manually made the necessary change to the maxVersion entry in the install.rdf file so that the Password Manager 2.0 extension would install in Firefox beta 3.
However, while parts of the add-in work, it does not automatically fill in fields in webpages.
I looked at the information on updating extensions for Firefox 3 provided at the Mozilla development center:
and I suspect that bullet item 6 concerning window.addEventListener might be the problem.
A link is provided showing how to correct the problem of detecting page loads in the Firefox beta:
Would anyone from Lenovo like to comment on whether this is likely to provide a solution to the problem?
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