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Blue Screen Again
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Thread stuck in device driver. Windows 10



As written in subject, I am struggling with the blue screen error "Thread stuck in device driver".

I tried to google the solution and this is what I have done so far:

1. Completely deinstalled drivers in safemode, using display driver uninstaller and then automatically installed new ones through Windows Updater.

2. Updated PC's BIOS using lenovo site's tool.

3. Tried SFC scan. Recaived message: "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations".


This happens usually, when I run applications, which requires more performance. I thought that maybe it happens, because of the higher temperature of the core I used to notice, but it doesn't make sense. The error occurs very randomly, because sometimes it shows up after using the app a few hours. On the other hand, for example today, it showed up four times in a row, a few minutes after using the app. In addition to that, I bought a cooler stand under my laptop, but it changed nothing.


I am using Lenovo Z50-75 with AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7. Windows 10 64-bit.

I would be very grateful for any help.


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Re: Thread stuck in device driver. Windows 10

Hello Piotr201

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

Sounds like it could be down to a windows update, see if you are able to revert back to the previous update and see if the issue persists.


Also, try running an LSC scan and see if that is able to find anything for you:

1. Please click on the following link

2. Under the section ‘Download’ select the relevant Hyperlink dependant on whether your Lenovo is running Windows 7/8/8.1 32 bit or 64 bit.(Will work on Win10)
3. When prompted, select save and browse to a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded files.
4. Navigate to the folder where you saved the installation file, lscsetup_x86_26001.exe.
5. Double-click the installation file icon to start the installation.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions via the installation wizard that will install Lenovo Solution Centre on your system.
7. Once installed you will have a ‘Lenovo Solution Centre’ icon on your desktop please click to open this.
8. Once solution center is opened please select ‘Checkup’ then ‘Hardware Scan’ and ‘Full Scan’
9. This will take up to 20 minutes, see if this can find any errors.



If the above doesn`t help, then the best way to rule out any software issues is to perform a factory reset on the unit.

Note: Please back up all your data as running this reset will delete any data on your machine

1. Turn the machine off and press the recovery button which is located usually next to the power button. If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key.
2. Use the arrow keys and press enter on system recovery. ( Desktop users can skip this)
3. Select “restore from the initial backup” and then “Next”.
4. Click “start” and accept the warning messages.
Length of time can vary depending on the speed of the machine.

 If these steps do not work I would recommend, that you call your local Lenovo support line for a possible repair. Below is the link to the phone list where you can find these numbers



Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Re: Thread stuck in device driver. Windows 10

Same laptop, same problem but with games. I read on this further not much before, and I found, that these laptops doesn't really 'love' certain apps. Like they can run games, but after a while, they won't.

Apps, that I found will cause BSOD:


-most games and apps bought from a third-party provider (just like G2A, Apple music, etc...)


People don't recommend this laptop because of the huge compatibility and game running problem. I do this too. And the point is, that every Lenovo has that problem, except those, that made for that specific line (editing, gaming, workplace, etc...) My advice is to leave the Lenovo line, and buy an Acer, Asus or something like that, but not a Lenovo.


Sorry, but that's the truth. Lenovo is terrible at compatibility. 

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Re: Thread stuck in device driver. Windows 10

July 2019 and this problem still on! just installed windows 10 64 bit , installed drivers and got "thead stuck in device driver" after opening a game. the problem is within video card driver. 

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