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Fanfold Paper
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Touch Pad Odd behavior

I just got my new Lenovo Y450 and love it except it seems to have some odd behavior on the touch pad.  It seems to 'stick' on the bumps on the pad, often going up-down when I try to move right-left.  At which point I have to pick up my finger & retry the movement. 


It also does things randomly like highlight things, increase & decrese text size on page, open new web browsers etc.  Sometimes while I am typing & not even touching it, but I can see the the pointer moving (jiggling).  I also have to often reset it's position while typing like in a box setting as it moves then I am unable to finish typing.


I have went to mouse controls & tried to change some of the settings but that hasn't helped.  I have even selected hide pointer while typing, but it doesn't even hide it.  Any suggestions?

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Token Ring
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Re: Touch Pad Odd behavior

I noticed the same problem with my Y450 I ended up unistalling the synaptic touchpad driver from Program and Features in the Control Panel. Although you will lose the special touchpad features you can still tap to click and scroll with the touchpad. Try uninstalling that driver, you can always reinstall it, if you like, from Lenovo's driver site.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Touch Pad Odd behavior

I uninstalled the driver as suggested.  This seemed to help Some of the issues (the increase, decrease) but my pointer still 'jumps/bounces' around on screen when I type, highlighting things, opening pages if it accidently 'clicks' on something etc.  I have even tried to enable the 'hide curser when typing', & slowed the 'double click' response; but this does nothing.  It also still seems to get hung up on the touch pad (going vertical when I am trying to go horizontal) still. 


Any more suggestions?

What's DOS?
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Re: Touch Pad Odd behavior

same here....i'm having the exact same problem and it's driving me nuts! tried turning down the sensitivity, and turning off tapping altogether, but still no luck. 
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Community SuperMod
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Re: Touch Pad Odd behavior

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Touch Pad Odd behavior

like pcrayz said, you can un-install it. or just update it from here

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