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USB devices recognized but not available

I am having a stubborn problem with my daughters laptop that hours of online searching has failed to remedy.  I'm hoping someone here has some new insights.


Ideapad Y500 running Win 8.1.  At school she relies primarily on trackpad rather than external mice so we don't really know exactly when the issue began.  Problem is USB devices (wired mice, wireless mice via logitech reciever, usb thumbdrives) are recognized by system, ie they appear/disappear in the device manager, but are inoperable in windows.  Mice fail to move the cursor, and usb drives do not appear in File Manager.


  • I have verified all tested devices are working properly on other systems so its not bad peripherals.
  • Problem occurs with USB ports on both sides of laptop so its not a faulty hardware port.
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled all device drivers from the web (numerous times)
  • I have uninstalled the USB hubs and host controllers and allowed windows to reload those drivers.
  • I have tried disabling selective suspend so its not a power issue.
  • Laptop is almost always used plugged in, so its not a low battery issue.
  • USB drives plugged in appear/disappear under Disk Management, but do not appear in File Manager at all
  • Oddly enough, her Wacom Intuos tablet DOES work - but I uninstalled that temporarily while debugging to verify that it was not interfering with other devices.  I've since reinstalled that driver.
  • I've run Windows update - all drivers & patches are up to date.
  • I've run the Lenovo system scan - all drivers up to date

Next thought is to do a Windows Refresh, but she has a lot of 3rd party programs and isn't 100% certain where all the original disks are to reinstall those, plus has quite a bit of data but with no way to plug in a USB drive, we have no solid means of backing things up if the refresh goes south and erases data.


So before going down that road, I'm hoping maybe there are other suggestions that haven't turned up in the forums or google searches that I can try.  


Many thanks in advance..

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