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Fanfold Paper
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Unreadable blue screen after recovery

I have a Lenovo Z580 which came with Windows 7 preinstalled (and no CDs).  Since I wanted to run Linux, I had to rearrange the partitions.  I had this system working more or less correctly for several months.


Then I tried adding a partition that wasn't at the end and all hell broke loose.  The result was that

I lost the partition table.  I did have a set of recovery disks that I had made, and I tried using them.  The system came up briefly, displayed a blue screen so quickly I couldn't read it, and then recycled.   I got the screen with the choice of startup options (normal, safe, etc.), but whatever I chose the Windows logo started to display and then the blue screen flashed, followed by a reboot.  The Windows XP trick of using F8 to make the blue screen readable had no effect.


I tried using a Windows 7 recovery disk with the Startup Repair option but it didn't help.


Fortunately I have several tools that can get me information about what is going on and possibly help fix it: gparted, a Kubuntu live system CD, and a UBCD (Universal Boot CD) memory stick with a collection of tools.  Using gparted I determined that I have these partitions:

  P1  200 MB

  P2  654GB, Windows7_OS

  P3 extended, containing P5

      P5, 26GB



I can use Live Kubuntu to examine the HPFS file system, but I don't know what to look for in it.


How can I stabilize that blue screen so I can read it?  And how can I get my system back?


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Re: Unreadable blue screen after recovery

Have a read though the previous threads, specifically the one key recovery threads, their is a few downloadable one key recover 7.0 dvd`s that might help to restore your Z580.


Have you tried removing the partition that you created, also have you tried the free partition wizard home edition, i use it to delete, expand and it has partition recovery options, though i think you have big problems.


Good luck.


I have had many brands of notebooks, and lenovo should be ashamed at the way they set the partitions up and the limitations of the one key recovery.


I have for a few years as soon as i get an new notebook, remove the hdd and put it in an external caddy and connect it to a notebook and make an image of the original hdd and clone it to an ssd or an better hdd, so i never touch the original hdd, so i always have a backup.



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