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Update Novo partition?

Is there any utility (probably would have to come from Lenovo) that could be used to update the C: image file
on the Y510?
What I have in mind is to restore (using the factory) Novo restore. Then apply all updates (including SP1) as
well as adding various updates that I deem to be needed, and at that point create a new "Novo" restore image.
I've already done something similar using Acronis True Image and have saved my newer C: image on offline
disk storage,  And I'm tempted to re-claim the Novo partition to make the existing C: drive much larger.  But if
it was possible to put my new image file (and even the Acronis restore program) on the existing Novo partition
I would likely do that.  The current Acronis image file is right at 9Gb so it would certainly fit in the 18Gig Novo
Perhaps I could simply reformat the existing Novo partition to become Drive E:, make it bootable, and put
the Acronis software on that partition along with the image.  All that would be missing at that point would
be an ability to invoke a boot on that partition via the Novo button.  Hmmmm...  Sounds possible - but I'll
admit right now that I don't know the details of doing this.
Any thoughts?  Or should I just leave the Novo partition alone and be happy that it works as it does...
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Re: Update Novo partition?

The utility exist, but it is for authorised service centres only. Not allowed to share it. It's a law. It allows changing hidden partition size, deleting backup out of there and allows to make backup of your tuned up system - with all drivers, soft and settings. Not only Vista - XP too. Doubt about Linux.
Probably service centre can perform such an operation.
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Re: Update Novo partition?

what i ended up doing was just completely wiping both partitions after backing up my c; image with clone zilla to another external drive and just reinstalled the backed up image onto the clean drive... u may need vista serials but i work for a school district in IT and jus used their company serials...
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Re: Update Novo partition?

@ Hawk521 Smiley Happy

Yes, you certainly can delete the Lenovo restore hidden partition and reclaim this memory. Acronis also has three options here.

1) you can let Acronis create it's own hidden partition and size
2) you can backup your image using a one click option on the external DVD media
3) and you can also backing up your OS image to another hard drive, Network drive, or off site location, etc...

It would be nice for Lenovo to offer the means to reprogram or remap the NOVO button. Say, when you press it, it could be remapped to use the F11 key which if I remember Acronis uses for it's hidden partition instead. But, I don't use hidden partitions, and therefore don't recommend them, as the operating system hard drive should NEVER be used to store you OS backup image, due to a hardware failure of the OS hard drive.

Ps. Don't forget to first backup your Lenovo HD, so if later you want to restore everything back, you will have this option, as for resale purposes, etc...


I'm been shopping online, and see Costco, Circuit City, etc... are selling 2.5 Notebook sized 320GiB hard drives with the enclosure and USB cable for around $120 dollars. This would be a good thing to have, as you get to make lots of backups of all your data, and room to spare for additional videos or large files, or even run virtual machines, etc...

Now if only more mobile computers supported BIOS booting your USB devices, and Acronis provided it's bootable software as an option to be used on an USB HDD, that would be a winning solution for most here. But, for now, it appears the older CD bootable media is more reasonable to use which is provided with Acronis software, as you know.

Maybe ahead, OEM's will place the operating system in mainboard (MRAM or something better here) memory (not on a hard drive that boots into ram), so it's flash upgradeable and yet READY without delay? This method means no hard drive failure to worry about for your operating system. Mainboard failures do happen too, but not as often, right? Obviously, Windows wouldn't be the choice here, but a Linux Distro would work, being how you can really squeeze the OS into a very small amount of memory. Some flavors of Linux are already installed on a 64MiB USB flash disk!

It's sort of the same thinking Microsoft is doing with XP, to reduce the OS size (removing features instead of streamlining efficiency?) to be used for the OLPC computer, that is said to be available come 2010 for $75 dollars. lol

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