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Punch Card
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Upgrading the Z50-70

So as my warranty was over, I had to replace the keyboard and the HDD. Instead of the HDD I added a SSD and doubled the amount of RAM for it (now 16GB).


My question is: Are there any methods to change the CPU or graphics card? Or I'm stuck with them like this? I think it's the latter, but doesn't hurt to ask, lol.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Upgrading the Z50-70

With notebook unless expressively designed you can only change HD's, memory, as other components are permanently attached to the MB. Eurocom is the only make I know of builds modular designs. Yeah some people might say the CPU(if socketed and supported by the bios as well as socket.) which tends to be too costly to entertain.

If you want scalability buy a desktop system.
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