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Re: Usb boot option not coming in uefi mode

@Cole52 wrote:

Clean install is the last option for me now.

Just have 2 query

1. Same as tripplec mentioned: does uefi booting supports usb/dvd boot. Because when I select UEFI, only "EFI PXE network" option comes. No usb or dvd.

2. While selecting Legecy with uefi first, I am getting message 'windows cannot be installed in gpt disk'. That means my installer is wrong. 

I am trying to install window 7 64 bit which has efi and boot folders.

I have created bootable usb using method mentioned here


I even used rufus software to create bootable usb with uefi gpt fat32 format. Still getting the same error. Where  I did wrong?

A few things:


The link above may work for creating a bootable Win 8 installer but in spite of what is says it won't work for Win 7 UEFI booting as written.  Some file manipulation is also requried.  Additionally the partition should not be set active.


Note that the download link in the article no longer works, but it seems you have your own media.


It's possible that Rufus will do the above automatically if the right options are selected.  Not sure about that.


When booting Windows 7 (running OS or installer) in UEFI mode enable CSM support.  If it isn't explicitly available the "other OS" option may do this.  It shouldn't affect the issue you're currently having but not enabling it may prevent the installer from completing.


Another possible issue during the install:  the Win 7 installer won't understand USB 3.0 chipsets.  If you have a USB 2.0 port use that.  If turning off USB 3.0 in BIOS is an option, select that.  If those aren't options it may be necessary to inject 3.0 drivers into the install media.


Is your DVD drive internal or external.  Some external drives don't spin up fast enough to be detected as bootable by the BIOS probe code.


@LenBlazer: your guide says: 1. boot mode = legacy, 2. boot priority = UEFI first.  Those seem to be in conflict. ?



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Re: Usb boot option not coming in uefi mode

Zoltanthegypsy wrote: "...@LenBlazer: your guide says: 1. boot mode = legacy, 2. boot priority = UEFI first.  Those seem to be in conflict. ?"


I agree that it seems to be in conflict. As stated in a previous post that is true only if you have a Lenovo unit. Old postings states that that is the case. I think the option to set boot mode= legacy only work for the usb booting process ( that is you can't boot a usb device if you will not set it this way - see original post) and does not apply to the hdd.  This is what needs to be corrected in the bios for most of the units. As pointed out other brand does not behave as described.


I notice that you stated to enable csm which I think does exist but the other OS option does and it is being considered in the guide. I agree that csm must be enabled which exist in my other brand in order to boot through usb.

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Re: Usb boot option not coming in uefi mode

Lenovo has created a Service TIP to address these questions. Unfortunately, some boot options that are shown when UEFI Only has been selected are not actually available.


The Service TIP is available here:


Thank you,

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