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Using OneKey Recovery to create Recovery Discs

Whenever I try to create a full backup, the backup always seems to be complete after turning on the laptop monitor (not even from sleep mode, just the display turning off), even when the program said that there were two hours to go.  The backup, which was estimated to be about 75gb, turns out to be only 20gb.  When I try to create recovery discs from this seemingly incomplete backup, it always says that it requires five recovery discs.  Is this the number of recovery discs regardless of the size of the backup, and will the recovery discs restore the laptop to factory condition or the state of the laptop when the backup was made?  Sorry if this is an obvious question, but can the recovery discs created using Onekey Recovery be used to restore the system back to Vista if I install Windows 7 (RC or final version), assuming that the partitions sizes remain untouched?  Will I be able to restore to Vista from Windows 7 using this full backup (on an external drive) if I press the NOVO button after installing W7?


Similar to the backup being complete after turning on after sleep mode or the display turning on, whenever I download anything off the internet and the laptop goes to sleep mode, the download is cut off after turning the laptop on from sleep mode.  Isn't the system not supposed to go to sleep whenever something is downloading or a backup is being performed? 


Thanks for your help!

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