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Fanfold Paper
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Vents under Y450 seem deliberately blocked

Mostly a technical question for someone like Mark_Lenovo:


Underneath my Y450, when you look at the vent slots, roughly half of them appear to be blocked.


I decided to remove the panel covering the memory & CPU Fan, to see if it was something I might be able to remove (a thin film or something of that nature).   But to my surprise it appears that the 'blockage' is actually pat of the moulded plastic panel!


I would have expected that maximum ariflow would be desirable, especially in the area of the CPU Fan, but that area is ~90% blocked here.


Can anyone explain why it has been designed this way?   It just doesn't seem to make any sense to me to deliberately reduce the vent area in this way.


More to the point, once my machine goes completely out-of-warranty, is there any specific design reason why it would be a BAD idea to "have a go with the dremel" in order to open all of those other vents more fully?


I would appreciate any answers from the technical department as this just doesn't make ay sense to me.   Smiley Happy


Thanks In Advance

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vents under Y450 seem deliberately blocked

does your Y450 get really hot to the touch under load? if not maybe you should just leave it...but if it doesn't have any function, I don't see why they would design it that way

Token Ring
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Re: Vents under Y450 seem deliberately blocked

I noticed this as well have no idea why they would design it like that. As soon as my warranty is over im going to use a dremel and cut them out.

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