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What's DOS?
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Veriface & EE Boot Optimizer

As an owner of a technology company, i've been buying hardware for years. I was always a Dell and HP guy until folks started telling me how good Lenovo was. So I tried them out - for myself - before saying anything to our Purchasing VP. I got a Y580. It was really slow and it it turned out the os had some issues with apps I installed so I did a One Key production of Factory Default CD's and then a clean install of Win7 Ultimate. I wanted to have the unit back to exactly the way it was shipped (except for the os upgrade) and most of the drivers and sw installed ok even though the Lenovo site is a bit slow.  But what about these two apps: Veriface & Boot Optimizer. Why do they return a "Only On A Lenovo" dialog? Why are they not included in the Y580 Drivers and Applications download matrix? And why is Lenovo Tech Support so vague and ill-informed about a solution? This is a relatively high end device - there shouldn't be quality issues like that.

Paper Tape
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Re: Veriface & EE Boot Optimizer

I agree.  I have never purchased from Lenovo before.  I bought the Win 8 Version of Y580.  My intentions were to do a clearn install of Win 8 to a new, larger SSD.  I sort of successfully accomplished this.  But then OKR didn't work.  Then something else... etc.  Many of the drivers are missing from the D:Lenovo drivers partition.  So I restored to factory.

Then tried to migrate the OS over to new SSD.  This was somewhat successful, but then I made some errors in deleting unused partitions using diskpart and poof... I wiped the stock HDD.


I did tinker with all of the drivers that Lenovo offers online.  In each program, if you get the "this software is for a Lenovo/ Dragon Lagoon device" or whatever it says... you can work around.  Each group of unzipped files has a custom.ini file that you can adjust to bypass this security check.  Just find the line that reads "lock" or something similar.  It usually ends with " = Lenovo" and change the word Lenovo to a 0.  Ths will turn off that annoying Lenovo computer check, (even though you ARE USING a Lenovo).


I'm actually glad I wiped my stock HDD, because I was then forced to quit trying to get OKR to work on my system after the migration.  I just have a clean Win 8 install and use Windows backup to do my backup images.


The machine is a beast.  The Customer support was laughable.  They wanted me to 1) purchase recovery disks for $60 -- which I heard they don't even have Win 8 recovery disks yet.  Or, I could simply buy a $90 service plan and get no answers to the questions that everyone is running into on the forum.


If Lenovo wants to get serious about building a "gaming laptop", they need to be prepared to have solutions to clean installs, software bugs, etc.  That wasn't my experience at all.  I was on my own with exception of search engines.

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