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Fanfold Paper
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Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

Hello. I have been investigating speaker problems for my Y510 and I do have the imbalance problem noted in other threads, but I also have a problem that no one else seems to have, or has shared.

When I play music, the right front speaker (closer to me) makes a vibrating or raspy noise similar to when you play music very loudly out of normal speakers. It occurs when the music is loud or deep and is most noticeable at the third volume level or higher. The first volume level seems to be unaffected by the problem, and only at certain times at the second volume level does a faint vibration noise occur. (I will note that I am playing music in Windows Media Player with the media player volume at 100%.)

I'm inclined to think this is a problem of physics: the sound waves are causing something in my computer to rattle around. I just want to know if other people have experienced this, or if I should send in my computer to be looked at.

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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

Hi thegreenmnmgurl.
I have the same problem as you. Specially with some frequencies. I think it's the keyboard that vibrates. If I lightly put my hand touching the right side keys (Enter, Backspace, Shift, etc) the vibration stops. Even at higher volumes.

So I think some keys enter in resonance and vibrate. No easy solution as keyboard physics should be changed.

By the way, I also have that unbalance on the sound image.

I think Lenovo did a terrible job with the sound system. The sound is one of the features they advertise most. And it seems they haven't even care to listen some music or movies before starting the manufacturing phase. And Dolby Lab should have tested this before endorsing.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers


I've read through the first 10 pages of this forum before I decided to make a post. While many ha

ve complained about the inbalance (which I have as well), I have noted that this is the only thread about vibration noises. My right side speakers are vibrating as well, but I do not believe its a problem with 'physics' or the actual build of the speaker components. I think my problem is the speaker itself - internally. I tried playing various music tracks and pressed everywhere. I will get the same BUZZ or vibration on certain mid-level sounds. Its not the bass or the treble, its the MIDS. Do you guys agree? The buzz is more noticible when the speakers are outputing any type of ECHO sound....

I am quite a sound junky and I was really persuaded to get this Y510 becuz of its sound system. I would have to agree that it is rather disapointing. I don't even feel like my sub works. To me, its just another speaker (a **bleep**ti*r one at that) - it has no noticible bass output.  As a sound junky the most embarassing thing is to blast your system and have it sound like absolute crap while you're the only one thinking its a concert in your lap! AND NOW THATS ME!!!

I believe someone else said you can really feel the thump with the NB on your lap - what kind of music are you listening to? Rock, hiphop, electronic, oldies - I do it all.

I have no other issues with this NB that are mentioned all throughout this forum except the sound issues. Most likely cuz I'm an XP'er.

How can Lenovo be so adamant about featuring these 'exceptional' speakers when they are only average?

GOD i hope these are all driver problems......

Running WDM_R196 from RealTek. What more can we do??
Y510 - XP PRO SP2 - Core2D T5550 @ 1.87GHz - 2GB RAM - nVID 8600M GT
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

Hi TegRydr.

Reading what you were saying, I run some tests. I created with Audition a file that contained a pure sinusoidal wave starting at 20Hz up to 16KHz.
In my case the worst situation is between 250 and 500 Hz.
At low dB vibrations are barely noticeable. At medium dB you can clearly tell that the keyboard and it's inner plastic parts are the ones making the noise. Main vibrations come from the right side keys, specially the longer keys (Backspace, Enter, Shift). At higher dB noise come from both sides of the keyboard (still mainly on the right side) but from some other parts of the chassis as well. I think from the palm rest area.
From my point of view, the construction of the laptop does not hold the concentrated power of the "sub woofer".

Noise is heard when playing music with high content of continuous bass, like a slow song from Celine Dion or soundtracks from Gladiator.  When playing electronic music that have short duration bass, there are vibrations, but the compression "hides" them. If you lowpass them noise almost disappears.
Secondly, noise is very annoying when playing racing games because the engine sounds at certain revolutions match the "problematic frequency range".

Finally, I think the echo adds lower frequency content, making things worse.

Regrettably, I think this is all there is. Is a hard problem. From the software point of view perhaps bandwidth limiting the sub woofer may help.
If Lenovo doesn't fix this with a patch before my warranty expires, I'll open the laptop and solder a low pass filter to the sub woofer. Let see what happens.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers


thanks for the extensive testing and concurring that its a hardware issue. so much for listening to brass and winds music.

i can only hope for the best or pray for free ultra compact/lightweight noise-canceling ear bud headphones courtesy of Lenovo!

let us know how that LPF comes along.
Y510 - XP PRO SP2 - Core2D T5550 @ 1.87GHz - 2GB RAM - nVID 8600M GT
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

I have a Y710 and there is definitly a buzzing or vibration sound coming from the back right speaker near the bottom of the screen. On the Dolby sound test, there is a slight buzz when the left speaker plays but it vibrates on the right side. When I listen to songs at a louder volume it becomes quite distracting and annoying. Now if I press now on the plastic covering over the speakers the buzz/vibration tends to disappear. So for me this is an issue with the build quality of the laptop. I'm not sure what kind of speakers are used in this NB or if the front speakers are the same or different from the rear speakers, but there is no buzz or vibration coming from the front speakers at all. And because the buzz/vibration lessens or disappears when I press on the plastic it definitly must have something to do with the build of the NB.

Message Edited by MIH on 06-25-2008 08:11 PM
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

In my case the problem arises only when I play music or movie in WMP. If i play the same in Media Player Classic or VLC the
buzzing sound (I would rather call it AC Humm) is not at all there. Moreover even there is no problem while playing games such
as Call of Duty 4, Doom 3 and FEAR which have very fine sound details.
What's DOS?
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

Hey all,


I am having the same problem.  Only it is bad enough that I will have to return it to Tiger Direct.


I am not able to discern a pattern to when it is happening.  It is a vibrating or stuttering sound coming out the of right speaker. At first I thought the disk player was acting up.  So i put a software disk in and it worked fine.  Putting a music or video disk in starts the sound.


It happens during windows loading, when i play solitaire, when i play a dvd, a cd, stream audio or video.


It is definitely coming from the right speaker. 


I reloaded the operating system.  No change.


I updated the drivers.  No change.


Not seeing any thing here in the boards, so I think I am going to return it.




Punch Card
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Re: Vibration Noise Coming from Speakers

I don't have much experience with laptop speakers, but a lot with car audio. Are the vibrating sounds kind of like what you would get when you put subwoofers in a car? I'm talking about when you stand outside, and the whole car rattles because the panels are not reinforced, making it sound like crap because cars are obviously not made to handle a system. The only way to solve that problem in cars is with dynamat to help reinforce panels in the car, etc. They most likely don't have this for computers, but maybe Lenovo should have made a more sturdy assembly if there was going to be a subwoofer in the laptop.

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