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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎09-15-2008
Location: Manila
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Vista drivers issue??

Hi Guys,


I need help, I have a Lenovo Y410 Vista SP 2, Whenever i plug anything on the USB port it always asks for a CD or install a driver, everything i plug is plug n play, im on my wits end for this issue.


Here are the items I plug that did not work (or looks.asked for a driver)

1.  UNIVERSAL USB CARD READER ( asks for driver) 

2. WD Element 500gb portable HDD (detects, asks for a driver, cant see in Computer, tested in my XP pc, works well and was detected no driver needed)

3. Samsung Story 1TB ac powered HDd (same as WD)

4. Olympus digicam (looks for a driver, installed cd, still no go)

5. Olympus memory adapter (MAUSB 500)- same as 1, looks for driver.


I'm now having second thoughts about inserting anything on this notebook

Any inputs are very much welcomed 


Happy New Year