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Punch Card
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Hello everyone. Okay, first off I am honestly very frustrated. I know I am not alone in this because I see it all over the forums and it is something that both MS and Lenovo seem to shy away from in regards to any form of solution or even a logical explanation as to why we are not allowed to do this after we purchased an OEM installed laptop.


First of all, imho, win8 sucks. Some people like it, some don't. After installing a 3rd party start menu app it is at least tolerable but is by far the least intuitive OS I've used. Tiles can go away. The real reason I am so frustrated is I am attempting to install a momentus XT 500gb HDD. I figured it wouldn't be an issue. I used it on windows 7 and even dual booted OSX Lion and Win7 via bootcamp. Zero issues. Windows 8 however seems to completely not want me to do whatever I wish with my PC. I can't do a fresh install of the OS onto the Momentus XT bc I don't have an install DVD. The key is in the BIOS on the motherboard and all attempts to download the iso from MS have failed bc it informs me my key cannot be used on a retail version. Honestly that makes zero sense because if the key is on the BIOS it should automatically recognize it as a OEM key and install said version properly. Obviously that would be without the bloatware. That'd be fine bc I can download what is needed afterwards. 


I have yet to see a post talking about how to get the OEM disc from Lenovo and MS support was no help because they cannot supply OEM discs. How would one go about getting an installation disc? Or even if Lenovo provided a download link. Anything. I don't see why they haven't done so since it would only be installable on Lenovo products that had the OEM install to begin with.


Oh and the system image restore doesn't work because it throws a "System restore cannot continue because a required partition is missing." error message. After a little research I discovered that apparently that is a Lenovo bug. Fantastic. So can someone please provide me with any information on how to get where I need to be with my new laptop?


Sorry for the rant. As you can see I am frustrated. I have had this laptop for a little over a week and have been fighting this since I unboxed it. I love the laptop. I just want the better hard drive. Thanks in advance

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Hi Tony_D,


Can't say I blame you for being frustrated.


I'd suggest giving support a call.  They should be able to provide recovery disks.  Explain that you've had a recovery failure.


[edit] One other approach that might work if your stock drive isn't larger than the one you're installing:  use the rather oddly named "Windows 7 File Recovery" utility to make a full drive image to an external HDD.  Install your new drive and boot the recovery flash drive (the one that won't do recovery).  There should be tools there that will let you restore that image to your new drive.


I don't think it can resize partitions so either the new drive has to be the same size (or larger) that the old one, or you have to shrink your partitions before making the image.


I can't guarantee this will work but it may be worht as shot if you have the time.




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Punch Card
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I appreciate the response. The stock hard drive is a 1tb HDD and the one I am trying to use is a 500 gb Momentus XT hybrid. To be perfectly honest this is the first time I have experienced this issue because when I have upgraded HDD in the past they have always been larger. Someone should inform MS and/or Lenovo that "upgrade" doesn't have to mean "larger". The stock HDD is lowering my system performance rating in WMI by a full point. I know WMI isn't always a good measuring stick but the HDD is noticably slower than the Momentus XT.


I have tried the system image route. That was actually the first thing I tried since I don't have the install disc. I get the "required partition is missing" error. Obviously there isn't a partition missing seeing as how I had Windows 8 copy every partition available. I thought about trying the system shrink route but if that was the fix one would think it'd be all over the web as the only viable route short of ordering Windows 8 pro and using the upgrade to use the new HDD. 


This whole situation is utterly ridiculous. It is seeming more and more like this is being used by either MS or Lenovo or both to extort more money out of the end user after purchase. There should be a disclaimer on the product description page stating "WARNING - If you plan to what you want with this laptop after you spent over $1,000 on it then you're completely boned. Love - Lenovo and MS  ... P.S. - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We hate you." 


On a serious note though this is my first Lenovo laptop. This experience is completely ruining the machine for me. I got it for gaming/multimedia creation because it got rave reviews. I wish someone at some point would have said Windows 8 has down syndrome.


The nature of the beast is upgradability in the PC realm. That's why most people choose PC over Mac. I am actually coming from a Macbook Pro that dual booted Windows 7 via bootcamp and this issue has me regrretting the "upgrade" choice. I have a new slogan for Windows 8:  "Windows 8... Prepare to be pissed." I should be their spokesperson. That's money in the bank. I kid but seriously this is lame.

Punch Card
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New question. If this is the situation I am stuck in do I have the option of installing a SSD complimentary drive? I have the Y500 without the SSD caching drive. If I do have that option where does the SSD install to? There is an open bay near where the memory card slot is when you remove the bottom cover with slots that dont seem to be utilized by anything. Is that where the mSATA drive would go? At least that way I can speed up the system and not have my drive headache anymore.

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