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Paper Tape
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Warranty Void

Hi guys as lenovo y50 user i got some problems with overheatin, temperature i think are the same for all about 77/78°, i already got a cooling pad and it's help me but it keep the temperature 1 or 2 degree less, the problem is the dust inside fan so i think i will open it. The question is if i open the back of my pc warranty will void?
PS->  i already used  the cleaning dust tool and seems quite useless if u need to clean the mess, i think it just help hold the fan clean.

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Re: Warranty Void

Hi there, Spank –


Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.


Note: As per the Lenovo policy & standards, the warranty will be void if the laptop is dismantled by yourself.

Please click here for HMM for better understanding on hardware.


We have compiled a simple list of precautions based on our previous experiences with laptop repairs.


Do not just jump into doing it, watch an online video tutorial before you open up your laptop for repair, note down essential steps and sequence of disassembling. Search on YouTube for brand and model of your laptop and you will find the right video guide to disassemble your laptop.


First, always take backup of important files. In some cases (laptop repair gone wrong) you may not be able to get the display from your laptop. You also may break any part of laptop or wire. In that case your data will be safe and secure to another location and your work will not be interrupted.


Shutdown laptop properly and unplug laptop to avoid current shock or other circuit damage.


Before opening up the laptop from inside, make sure you have got all the necessary tools (screwdrivers, hardware to be replaced if any, brush, blower etc.).


Make sure you have adequate light over laptop so that you may observe even small wires properly.


Only disassemble laptop if it is needed.


In case you want to clean the fan and heat sink, make sure you have got proper sized brushes so that you may eliminate dust properly and thoroughly from heat sink system.


Do not wash any part of laptop, keep it away from other liquids as well.


Go slow and be gentle with your laptop. While using screwdrivers, use gentle grip of two fingers around screwdriver tip to avoid screwdriver to be slipped around. If screwdriver slips, it can damage thin wires, speakers, ribbon cords or other areas of laptop.


Gently lift screws from laptop, to avoid dropping them in difficult to access areas of laptop.


Keep removed screws in proper order. Some are smaller in size while others may be bigger. You need to pay attention about from where any particular screw was removed.


Do not apply too much pressure while removing panels, bezels or parts of laptop otherwise these may break. In order to remove from laptop, sometimes these parts just need a little push in the right direction.


Do not remove or lift any separated part at once. It might be connected to laptop by a thing wire or ribbon wire. If you break such wires accidentally, new wires may cost a lot. Always observe below the panel or beneath the part that you are removing.


If the disassemble may look complicated but you still want to disassemble laptop, use any smart phone or digital camera to record a movie of process that you are doing to remove several parts of laptop. That video may serve for reference (if you forget anything or the sequence of disassemble) later on.


After you are done, assemble all parts carefully and apply all screws that were removed previously.


If it gets complicated and you cannot figure out something at some point, stop it and get professional repair service.


Update us how it goes.








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Paper Tape
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Re: Warranty Void

Dear Sashi thanks for your exausting answer, i will go on a professional repair service for clean dust from fan i just asked this because i was worried about warranty but if there isn't any danger from opening pc my problem is solved.

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Re: Warranty Void

I have always blown my fans with compressed air in reverse first. You can use a big new can from a photo shop but the pressure drops the more you use it thats why a bigger can will be better. But my garage compressor does the trick. If its up high on PSI I usually find a small thin object to jam the fan from spinning so it doesn't over rev. Power off, and battery removed just in case if you use a pin and it shorts something there is no power. You will get dust out on old systems especially in dusty areas.
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Paper Tape
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Re: Warranty Void

Could u send me a photo of the part?

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