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Punch Card
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WOW - actual email regarding y530 palm rest

Below is an actual email I received from a Lenovo salesperson today.


A couple of problems with what this person has written.


1) I placed my order online not through the salesperson initially.  The salesperson was directed to me by a customer service representative after I told him that I received a credit card validation email and the number to call kept giving me a recorded message no matter the time of day in which I called (which is another problem in itself). 


2) Knowing what he knows about the palm rest, wouldn't it make sense for this salesperson to ask me if I was aware that all new y530s now come with the brushed metal palm rest?  Especially since the Lenovo website does not indicate this?


3) How would I know to ask about the different colored palm rests when the Lenovo website does not indicate anything about different models having different colored palm rests?  The website did not indicate in December that the y530 being shipped would have a black palm rest and the website did not indicate in February that the y530 being shipped would have a brushed metal palm rest.  So how are we the customers to know that this is something to ask?


4) If it's such common knowledge that all new y530s come with the brushed metal palm rest, then why are Lenovo customer service reps unable to tell customers this?  Aren't the Lenovo customer service reps the first person customers call to inquire about the product they are interested in purchasing?  Judging by the posts here and my own experiene with customer service reps, they are as in the dark as we are about y530 palm rest colors.


5) The statement by the salesperson about all new y530s coming with brushed metal palm rests seems inaccurate as many have posted here that they received a black palm rest with their recent y530s. 



Sigh... I am truly appalled. 



Hi _____________,

As I've stated earlier, I needed the model type # at the back of your all
black Y530 that you bought in December in order to solve this case. Systems
change from time to time so the Y530 you bought in December came in a
different color than the one you recently bought from me. All of our
current Y530 models have a Black Top and a brushed metal keyboard.
I would
have told you this if you asked but you did not mention color as an
important factor when it came to your buying decision. I know this feature
is very important to you but for some reason you did not mention this when
I sold it to you on the phone.

Unfortunately, we wont be able to waive the 15% restocking fee because
there are no errors on our part. If there is something wrong with your
system or its deemed defective by our Tech Support then we can exchange or
fully refund your system. An issue of color does not qualify for waiving
the restocking fee.

If you want to take your case further please send me the Type# of your
older system so we can investigate this case and see what we can do.





Paper Tape
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Re: WOW - actual email regarding y530 palm rest

Unbelievable.  Thank you for sharing this kitkat.  You've clearly shown that both customer support and sales both don't understand their product.  IP Book ( states variations in Y530 palm rests.  I wish I had this before I purchased.


But the shoddy attempts at customer service and the lackluster sales force are not what troubles me the most.  What gets me upset is we've kept this thread going for some two weeks now and haven't heard from Lenovo aside from a subject line change.  I'm beginning to feel that Lenovo--as a company--does not care about what their customers want. If they did care, they would be reading these forums and reassuring us that website changes are imminent to the effect that the color of the palmrests will be explicitly stated somewhere in the product customization or checkout pages.  It's not rocket science folks: consumers care about what their notebooks look like.



Anyway, I just thought I'd share something that came to mind when I saw the new US Lenovo homepage.  Looks like we need to get the marketing department one of those brushed aluminum palm-rested Y530 notebooks.


Note from Moderator:  Converted image >50k to link.


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Punch Card
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Re: WOW - actual email regarding y530 palm rest

Haha, thanks for the image Mandrek.  


You're absolutely right, consumers do care about what their notebooks look like. 


What really gets me upset is that Lenovo is not taking any responsibility for this.  I'm being blamed for not being a mind reader and for not having super x-ray vision.  

Paper Tape
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Re: What models of Y530 have the metal palm rest?

Well I guess to answer the original question, I've posted the notebook model numbers matched to palm rest color at the end of this message.



Here's a tip: If the look of your notebook is of concern to you, I strongly recommend--prior to purchase--to do the following:


1. Use the Lenovo website to find and customize a notebook you like.  Use the part number reference at the end of this post to determine the palm rest color of your prospective notebook.  DO NOT purchase through the website.

2. Instead, call up a Lenovo sales representative to verify the color of the palm rest.  If he/she tells you that the Y530s only come in brushed aluminum, you can safely ignore that assertion.  Point them over to IP book ( and ask them to verify that your prospective notebook's model number comes with the desired palm rest color.  

3. Have the sales representative who is taking your order send you an e-mail stating your notebook's part number and palm rest color.  It sounds like overkill but do a Google search on 'lenovo customer service' and you will see why you cannot take anything for granted.  Be a smart consumer and get proof of what you were told because you may need it should a dispute arise.  



Here's a listing, pulled from IPbook, of palm rest colors matched to notebook part number. Contrary to what kitkat was told, you can purchase these mythical notebooks with black palm rests right now on Lenovo's website.





Model: IdeaPad™ Y530 (GMA)

Part numbers:












Model: IdeaPad™ Y530 (4051) - GMA

Part numbers:














Model: IdeaPad™ Y530 (4051) - NVIDIA

Part numbers:











Y530s with BLACK PALM RESTS (AKA "Mythical Unicorn Notebooks" ) :smileywink:


Model: IdeaPad™ Y530 (4051) - GMA (February 2009)

Part numbers:










Model: IdeaPad™ Y530 (4051) - NVIDIA (February 2009)

Part numbers:







Fanfold Paper
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Re: What models of Y530 have the metal palm rest?

Wish I would have seen this post before I ordered my Y530... Woman Sad

98% of the pictures online are of the aluminum palm rest.  I ordered from the "Home Entertainment" section and the picture of the Y530 showing above is of one with the aluminum.  So, I assumed they came aluminum. 

It's been an annoying experience.  Customer service is saying that I am to blame since I did not research it and was ill-informed.  Personally, the whole page is completely misleading.  If you're going to show pictures of the aluminum palm rest, you need to put an asterik up there warning which particular machine it comes on.  Pretty sad to say the least.

For example, if you went on the website and saw a picture of a pink S10 netbook, clicked on it, and ordered it seeing that the picture of it was pink, then I'd expect to get a pink S10.  Right?  Basically, the problem arises from poor managment, maintenance, and development of Lenovo's web sales.

Anyone in here willing to trade palm rests?  I have a black one.  I want the aluminum one.  If no trades, then I'll be sending it back.  Disappointing to say the least.
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Punch Card
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Re: What models of Y530 have the metal palm rest?

I got mine recently -all black. it was manufactured in February 09. I wanted the Aluminum, but got plastic,,,,,no worries though, it still looks beutiful...although i feel ripped-off a bit.......
Fanfold Paper
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Re: What models of Y530 have the metal palm rest?


They are offering a 4051-68U online right now for the "EARTH DAY" sale.  Lenovo shows the image of an aluminum palm rest, but PSREF/IPbook denotes that it's comes with ABS black palm rest.  Do not make the mistake of purchasing this system based on pictures.

Please visit the PSREF sheets to determine correct specs.  Or go buy a different system from Dell/HP/Best Buy.  Otherwise, you're going to be a dissatisfied customer if you purchase this system because you WILL NOT get an aluminum one.

Added link:

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