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When the drives are resized does it always mean that it makes the Lenovo Button unusable?

2010-02-01, 5:22 AM

Good Evening all,

   My Dahter,lol dropped her Y510 or rather pulled it off of her desk and although she was only playing music it seemed to pass the "Bounce Test" momentarily anyway because all of a sudden it said that there was a 349meg update to install so she did it and when it restarted the lap top it shut down after less then 1 minute of trying to boot! Since then there have been mix ups as to sending her the recovery CD as support sent it to her University address and the folks that placed the order were from the Phippines and perhaps they dont have postal or Zip codes there because this guy kept asking what the heck these numbers and letters meant and I knew right then and there that it was going somewhere else and it did, so they did it again and by Friday they still had not come after ten days of mix ups. My Daughter called today to say that they had come but when she put the recovery disk in it did the same thing it started to read the disk and then shut down. So on we went and I got her into BIOS and she went on and actually got into "Safe Mode" with the following options,1/ change the language, 2/return to the last good config,3/ go to a command prompt, so after almost three hours of trouble shooting with Dad she had had enough for now. So as the subject line asks are there any known scenario's where when the drive has been resized did the Lenovo Button still work and does it get you into the infamous "Hidden Partition where the recovery info is supposed to be or is that now gone and she now has no back-up software installed? I have been on the Microsoft Vista Forum and asking a million questions, the main one why did Microsoft choose Vista to not include an operating system disk with computers anymore. Other then that she has an external drive that may or may not have recovery software on it and if it does is it possible to do a back-up while in safe mode. The other question in the subject line is do you install Toshiba hard drives on Y510's and do they create an issue like it says about using a borrowed recovery disk from a Dell, HP or Toshiba, so so many questions so many possibilities. Its my understanding that if she had any full sized Vista DVD she could use the repair option on that disk and all of this is not necessary is this true as well? We have looked for the obvious like did the hard drive come loose when it fell or a cable from the DVD/CD and so on and at one point after running the memoryscan it said that it could either be a hard ware or soft ware issue's but did not elaborate except for asking to install the recovery disk that was already installed on the player, so we opened and closed and restarted it and back to a black screen???

   Can anyone give me any idea's that will get her back up and running as it seems to be lacking a Boot Sector again and a recovery disk only repairs but does not replace a missing boot sector or does it cause it didn't in this case the best thing the recovery disk did was enable her to get to safe mode and whats your best bet as to what option to use as I run XP on both my desk tops and have never had a good config come back when that option has been chosen for XP. I'm thinking if she can use the command prompt and run "chkdsk:f/r/" and this will tell her whats wrong, yes,no, maybe? Any and all help would be so much appreciated as its crunch time at her university and it must be hell working with a jump drive! But it wasn't all that long ago that all we had were diskette's,lol so it could be worse, but I say that from a working computer! Thanks for your help and time and trouble.

P.S. No One at Lenovo told me to go to the Vista site and look for how you can make your own ISO recovery disk for free at no less then four different sites it might have saved a wasted ten days of down time and $59.00 not to mention you can buy a complete copy of Vista on their site for $79.00 and I should have done that from the begining and I probably wouldn't be doing this post.



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Re: When the drives are resized does it always mean that it makes the Lenovo Button unusable?

2010-02-03, 17:39 PM

sorry, i couldn't read the post ( tried three times ), but if we say, it's all about the headline, one key recover ( lenovo button ) won't work if you make any change on your volume ( sizes ).

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