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Paper Tape
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Who to Ask for basic, a few technical questions.

I've been trying to figure this out for several weeks, but no luck so far.  Where can I turn to for some basic technical advice?  I have a new z510 that I bought and received in December.I have figured out how to update it from Windows 8.0 to 8.1. Just apply enough Windows updates, and the Windows store told me that I had the update available. I had to figure this out on my own. There were no instructions that I could find, telling me how to do this, and web searches weren't helpful...


For example. the specs say that it has 1 USB 2.0 port and USB usb 3.0 ports. Which is the USB 2.0 port? Is it the single port on the right side?


Is there any easy way to tell if a driver has been updated on my PC or not? Is there a utility that I can run that will tell me which drivers on the Lenovo update page need to be updated? As I said, I had to update from windows 8.0 myself, so the drivers may be out of date as well.


Is there a setting to permanently turn on the Num Lock every time I boot?


Is there a Windows 8/8.1 work around to disable the Caps Lock key? I know what the work around is in Windows 7, but I don't want to mess up the registry in Windows 8.1...


Questions like these. Who should I ask?







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Re: Who to Ask for basic, a few technical questions.

Hi Rick_S, welcome to the forum. Smiley Very Happy


Do you want some useful links?


The Lenovo 8 - 8.1 update info is in this thread:


For your question about the USB ports, see these PDFs. The first is the User Guide, and the second is the Hardware Maintenance Manual. Actually, you have 2-USB 3 ports, and 1-USB 2 port. The USB 3 ports have the "blue" interior guide in them.


Here is the Z510 Driver Matrix.  If your laptop is brand new, your BIOS may be Newer than the BIOS listed on the Matrix.  Still, all the required 8.1 drivers are available on the page.


I don't know of any "good" utility that will scan all of your drivers, and compare them with what's available on the Lenovo matrix. I always open up the Device Manager and individually check each driver against the Matrix.


AFAIK there could be a setting in the BIOS that allows you to turn off/on the Num Lock for the booting. But it's system specific, and I don't have the Z510. Same answer for the Cap Lock, IDK. Smiley Embarassed


For your last question, you've made a good start by asking here!  Smiley LOL









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Paper Tape
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Re: Who to Ask for basic, a few technical questions.

I cannot use my tab 2 settings and all the applications. Everytime i want to open it 'unfortunately, settings has stopped' will appear, same goes to others app. My phone process also has stopped after i do the hard reset.

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