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Re: Why are the Lenovo Drivers ancient?

     Wow! It's good to know that people have such strong opinions about driver updates. I've already stated my take on them. If you "require" a driver update every few months, then just do it, when the update is posted on the Intel, NVIDIA, or other manufacturer's site. I will say, that whatever works, is the best solution for you. No sweat off my back. I'm not going to tell you, not to update. 


     For me, the most important factor I place on my Y470 is hardware, and software, stability. With the Lenovo drivers, I've been able to maintain this requirement. Yes, I was upset when a MS update to my Intel HD Graphic driver, screwed up the Lenovo Fn + Up/Down brightness onscreen display. I don't like it when any "update" breaks "anything"! So I monitor all updates with suspicion, and check all my hardware, and software, after they're done.


     One final note. I have an internet connected TV. It has a hardware/software package that "should" be periodically updated by the OEM via the internet connection. This update "should" give me "more" hardware/software capabilities. In fact, I've only had one "update" in the 2 years I've had this system, and it only took away some of my VieraCast (smile) options. I went on the OEM's forums, and everyone complained. In the end, the suggested problem resolution was "buy this years model"!  I paid more for my HD TV, than I did for this laptop. I should demand periodic updates that giveth, not taketh away. Smiley LOL


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Re: Why are the Lenovo Drivers ancient?

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Fletchman1313 wrote:

velenoso666 wrote:

Fletchman1313 wrote:


Do I need to update my drivers?  



Sadly it looks like you'll never know. 

Fletch, I've answered your question as honestly as I can, will you answer mine?


Why do other computer manufacturers provide updated periodically if they're not necessary? It can't be cheap to pay programmers to rewrite/update the manufacturers own software that isn't necessary.

Honestly, I think we'll never know.  

Well honestly I have a fair idea, it's because software developers don't have the luxury of time when it comes to writing software, seeing that it might take much longer to write the software than for how long it might be commercially viable. E.G. They get it out there bugs and all to make a return for their efforts and refine it as time goes by, HENCE the UPDATE or PATCH!


You might want to read up on the subject before giving an opinion on something on which you state "that you honestly don't know"..

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