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Why can't I shrink partition C of my Y560p to more than 46GB?

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Started ‎06-14-2012 by
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Why can't I shrink partition C of my Y560p to more than 46GB?

by Lenovo Staff on ‎06-14-2012 01:06 AM (1,715 Views)


I have an IdeaPad Y560p, I want to shrink partition(C). It is impossible because it allows only about 46GB of HDD to shrink.

I did not see an error message.


Please help me how to shrink the C: partition to my desired capacity as I am hoping to buy a new HDD for it.


There is a limit to how much you can shrink your C: partition in your Operating System as there are immovable Window system files stored there.


One tip: Try running a defragmentation of your system before attempting to shrink the size of  your partititions.  You can use the Windows Defragmentation Program to do so. A contributor to this article suggests the use of  Puran Defrag as it can defrag your Pagefile.


Another tip contributed by our community: You may also wish to temporarily switch off your Pagefile as you want your data to be stored and continually so in the front of your partitions. A recommended resource is  GParted--Live CD, which our contributor says is 'quite good for the resizing part'. 


Note that if you use a disk image to move your data to the new HDD drive you intend to install and you have a recovery partition, make sure you do read up on how to maintain it (the recovery partition) while resizing your other partition(s) for the new disk when moving the data over.