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Paper Tape
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WiFi card acting strange



I bought my Ideapad Z580 a couple of weeks ago. I've had the infamous limited connectivity problem but it only happened once every few hours so I chose not to mess with the bull.

What I used to do when it happened is disable and enable the adapter which usually fixed it, at worst, a restart. A few days ago when I tried to disable & enable the computer started freezing when I hit the enable so I had to shut it down using the button.

Today it happened again, I reset the computer and much to my surprise wireless wasn't working at all, as if I had no wireless card. I went to the device manager and it showed I had an error.

I ran system restore, which gave an error (not completed) but the the wireless card came back to life. I figured something was wrong with the drivers so I downloaded them from the Lenovo site, installed, and then all hell broke loose. It stopped working altogether so I rolled back the driver, which didn't do any good, the yellow triangle in the device manager was still there. When I reset the computer again the card wasn't detected at all and there was a yellow triangle next to the PCI express port 3.

After a couple of enables&disables and resets the PCI wasn't detected at all (not in the list in device manager). I tried shutting the computer down, taking out the battery for a bit and putting it back, and the PCI showed up with the triangle again. Tried it a couple of times, sometimes it showed up sometimes it didn't.

Tried restore again, which gave an error but didn't fix the problem so I went to safe mode, ran restore again, and got the error. I tried choosing a different restore point (still in safe mode) and the restoring screen ran for about half an hour and nothing changed, so I figured it was hopeless and shut the computer down using the button.

When I turned the computer back on, the automatic repair said it couldn't repair the computer but strangely enough suggested that I move on to Windows, which I did, and now I'm back here and the wireless card is working.

I'm attaching an image I'm pretty sure I got after the second unsuccessful restore (I did countless restarts so I'm not sure exactly when it popped up but seemed like it was worth a screenshot).


2013-04-10 19_21_45-.png


I'm afraid I've been a bit too creative and thus created a royal mess. I haven't found any threads relating to the same problem, does anybody have any idea what could it be? I don't like the idea of my computer not detecting parts of the motherboard..





Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-10-2013
Location: Italy
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Re: WiFi card acting strange



This has just taken a turn to the strange and the ugly. I had to go home so I put it to sleep mode. Got home, turned it back on and it was working fine for 5 mins or so, then the wireless died and I'm a bit dumb and impatient so I restarted it, and it acted like a 586. I turned it off, turned my old computer laptop on and the strange turn is that all the settings on my router are gone! How could that happen?! It can't be a coincidence!





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