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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

@Lenovo Staff,


So? What's new with all this issues that we have on our Y560?

Please, check this like for more information:


@All of us,

Anything to add to that list?

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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

[ Edited ]

I would like to add problem with HDMI grainy display in full HD (related with Radeon).

Adjusting  contrast and brightness both on TV and PC I can hide this imperfection, but then the display isn't what it should be.

As I stated before, on Lenovo G550 I don't have this problem.

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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

That list seems pretty good to me. I've been a bit curious about the BIOS 62 floating around though... does it fix any of the problems mentioned in that post? Some people have it, but it doesn't seem to be up on the Lenovo website.
Token Ring
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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?

@cukhi123, as far as I had read... it doesn't fix any of the things listed.
Maybe some other things... But not the ones on the list.
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Re: Widespread Y560 Display Problem?



In reply to your prior post with link to earlier post with compiled issues:


1) Ants around the edges - this should be resolved by BIOS 59 or later (since they are inclusive of earlier updates) and updating to the latest video drivers that Lenovo offers.   We have not seen the ants on systems in our possession running these updated versions.


2) Gradients - The gradients have been improved by these same updates.   When any LCD is tilted off the 90 degree viewing axis, there will be some degree of shading or change as the angle to your eye changes.  This will happen on any LCD, but may be more or less pronounced depending on the type of diffuser and whether it has a gloss or matte finish.


The link provided shows seven images.  Our engineer has reviewed these and noted that the first three picutures show the effect of Windows 7 semi-transparency feature wherein texture and color from underlying windows and watermark of the wallpaper affect the appearance of the top level window.  This is not a defect. 


The fourth picture shows the window performance index.  Have you clicked the message to re-run the assessment?


The last several pictures show the results of tilting the LCD off axis - if you adjust the LCD so that it is perpendicular to your eye, this is not the case.   We can recreate this on other systems in the lab including a Y550p and an A300 desktop simply by tilting.  We are not seeing this as a defect of either the LCD or the drivers.


(Personally, I'll note that it is difficult to continue to press the engineers that we have a problem using "evidence" in terms of pictures that are associated with downlevel BIOS & driver versions.  It is not clear that these are new pics that demonstrate an issue with the latest drivers and BIOS - BIOS 58 is downlevel)


3) The Excel bar is viewed as an application quirk that is transient. 


4) Grainy picture when moving windows - Engineering does not believe that this is abnormal - that while moving, images can be subject to any number of forms of distorion.  (On my ThinkPad, with Intel graphics, if I drag an excel spreadsheet window that has been minimized to 1/4 screen size, over my email which is open in a window behind it, I see a number of defects - the edge of the excel window seems to have a series of duplicate lines following it, and many of the words are missing from the email, leaving blank areas that take up to a second to refresh).   I think the point is that there are quirks on any system, regardless of driver, chipset or OS when moving windows.


In summary this thread has run on, and I think become muddle to where it is difficult to separate new from old issues that have already been solved,  and perception about what is a defect vs just a limitation / design point of Windows 7 windowing layers and LCD technology.


I'm closing out this thread, and have started a new one here.   I do want you to continue the discussion as needed, but as I note in the first post of the new thread, we need to focus on use of Lenovo version of drivers and updated BIOS, and ensure that referenced examples of video and pictures on the internet reflect systems running these versions.





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